Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Lots Of

I have just found Lots of. These baking jars are amazing! Rachael was so kind and sent me two to try out and I love them. All the dry ingredients come layered in the jar. All you have to do is add a couple of wet ingredients and follow the baking instructions which are clearly written on the back.
I think these would make perfect presents for teachers for the end of the year! 

Have a read and see what you think!

Becky x

Hi I am Rachael. I’m one of those mums (like many) that is juggling working fulltime as well as running and growing Lots of, being a wife and being a mum/taxi driver for teenage children.

When did you start Lots of?

The idea had been floating around in my head for a while. In 2013 I finally got the courage after encouragement from family and friends to jump in and give it a go.

How did you name your business?

I wrote down a list of things I wanted to achieve from the business and it seemed to have Lots of starting every sentence – Lots of fun times, Lots of work/playtime balance in my week, Lots of money and of course Lots of enjoyment for people receiving the jars etc. “Lots of” just fitted for me!

What is your favourite product within your range?

I love the look of the Yummy Cookie jar, it’s so bright and colourful and looks so much fun. The Fudgie Chocolate Brownie is very popular, in 30 mins you can be sitting devouring a slice with a hot drink or adding icecream for a decadent dessert. It’s my “go to” jar to use at home when I’m in a hurry too.

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

I’m always thinking of ways to improve and grow the business. I’m looking for new ways to market my products to individuals through to corporate customers.  

Where to from here with Lots of?

Our kids are all but independent now so I want to focus more on building my business. New ideas, flavours and combinations are in my head and now I have some time to do the testing etc to get them into production.

How can we purchase from Lots of?

Email -

These would make fantastic end of year teacher gifts don't you think! Most jars are priced at $12.50 and you can choose your ribbon colour.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I came across Sassie last week on Instagram and fell in love immediately with Kara's floral initials. I am a huge anything pretty fan especially with flowers and so of course I commented with all the love straight away! Kara so very kindly sent me one of her letters this week for my daughter Amayah and it is even more beautiful than the pictures show! 

I am sure you will enjoy reading about Kara and her business Sassie

Becky x 

Hi, my name is Kara and I have been with my husband, Greg, for 19 years. We have three gorgeous little kiddies, Cassie, Luke and Lacey. They were all born in Australia while we were living in Perth. We relocated back to New Zealand in 2015 to be closer to our families. The kids absolutely love it back here, as do we, although the weather can be a bit testing at times after 15 years of blue skies and sunshine!

When did you start Sassie?

I started up Sassie in 2011 about six months after I had my second child. I was searching for personalised wine charms and couldn’t find them anywhere. I decided to make some myself, and it all started from there. I made personalised wine charms, which lead to personalised children’s jewellery, hand stamped adult jewellery ... and all things girly and pretty. After I moved back to New Zealand I couldn’t easily source the jewellery findings so have put the jewellery on hold for now. I started doing crochet beanies and added little flower hairclips to the girls designs. This started on my search for the perfect flower and here I find myself doing the floral initials which I LOVE!

Sassie Initial with KP Designs Peg People

How did you name your business?

When I started my daughter Cassie couldn’t pronounce her name correctly, she called herself Sassie, and my business was named!

How have you juggled running a business with having a family?

This is tough with three little kids and a husband who spends most of the year in Perth for his business. I spend lots of late nights working to get orders complete. My oldest two children love doing all things art & craft so when I make gift cards they love to join in with me. My littlest one is a bit too destructive to join in at the moment (and she is such a girly girl, just not nearly as fussy and neat as my oldest two – or me!!!)

What is your favourite product within your range?

Definitely the personalised floral initials. I love creating these. Each one is so unique with the name painted in any colour and the flowers added to suit the bedroom or nursery decor.

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

I spend a lot of time photographing and presenting my work. Presentation means everything to me, so I pride myself on beautiful packaging and high quality images.

Where to from here with Sassie?

I absolutely love creating the floral initials, but struggle with not having anything out there for the little men in our lives. So I am currently working on a boys design.... hopefully coming soon.

How can we purchase your floral initials?


Sassie floral initials are $30 NZD
The letter A measures 18cm tall and 16cm wide
Perfect for shelves or to hang

Beautiful packaging

Thursday, 8 June 2017

First Week Back & Loving It!

Thank you for such a warm reception this week! It is so great to be back into supporting NZ businesses and I have found some pretty good finds.

I have been working on my facebook business directory and also have started uploading my blog directory and will be working through this in the next week. It looks great and there are many businesses with fantastic products for you to browse.

Here are my favourite finds this week

Maya Floral Pants from 'Love Knot War' -

Personalised Diaries from 'Finndieloo' -

The Tribe Print from 'First Milestone' -

Ring Stackers, Mountains & Egg Shakers from 'Grove & Willow' -

Juicy Pegs from 'KP Designs' -

Blush & Gold Bibbles from 'Bibbles' -

Plaster Letters from 'Ayla & Arlo' -

Becky x

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

An Update For NZ Businesses

Hello and welcome to Liked by Becky. I would love to let you all know I am offering free advertising on the sidebar of my blog for NZ charities. If you could pass that on to anyone you know, that would be fantastic!

I am also working on a directory page here on my blog and having your business as part of that is free until the end of 2017. If you are interested, please email me your logo and the link you would like it to go to. Also one sentence about your business. Again, spread the word!

Below are the links to my social media pages where I will be sharing some of the beautiful products I find.

Becky x


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I Am Back!

Hi everyone,

Two years on and I am back! What has happened in this two years? Well my baby girl is nearly two! And my boys are now nearly ten, eight and four. I have been focusing on my family and lately have started up Liberty Lane which is a lovely side project.

I have kept up with all the businesses I supported and shared with you all and have realised how much I have missed sharing gorgeous products and supporting NZ businesses.

So a lot of thought has gone into this, and with a little more balance in my life now, I have decided to start writing my blog again.

It will be a little different from before and I have some really exciting ideas. I am looking forward to sharing with you my latest and best finds.

If you would like to follow me pop over to my Facebook page and hit the like button. I would appreciate this as I am starting from scratch again!

If you run a NZ business, I have set up a Facebook group for you to join if you are keen. Here you can share with me directly and easily.  

So excited to be back,

Becky x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Off To Meet Our New Little One!

Hi everyone, we are so excited to be meeting our new little bundle any day soon! I have decided to take some time off writing my weekly business feature to focus on family life and to welcome our little girl.

See you all soon,

Becky x