Friday, 26 July 2013

Toodles Noodles

Beautiful stationery, gift wrapping, totes,
 prints & much more, I am loving Liora's range

Gift Wrapping

Let's chat with Liora as she shares some more... 

How did Toodles Noodles begin...

I am originally from California and moved to New Zealand about 6 years ago. I found myself suffering from some insomnia back in early 2011. I've always wanted to have my own business and seeing as I suddenly found myself with quite a bit of time, I decided why not give it a go!

Toodles Noodles

I love your business name! Where did it come from...

When Toodles Noodles originally started it was a business that was run by me and my sister in the US. I would design everything and she would print and ship. Since our middle name is Nudel, we quickly got the nickname Noodle growing up. When trying to come up with a name for our business we wanted something close to our hearts and easy to remember. One night we were signing off as usual saying "toodles noodles" when I yelled "that's it!" - the name stuck.

She Believed ~ Print

What is your daily routine...

First I check my phone for emails, facebook notifications, orders that may have come in during the night. Quick protein shake and out the door to the day job (I'm a full-time graphic designer for another company). During lunch I get back to any enquiries that may have come in during the morning and do a social media update. Once the work day is done, I try to make it to the gym then back home to finish any items of business for TN. Which usually includes answering emails, updating social media, packing orders, blog posts and if lucky doing some new designs. Rinse and repeat.

Stay Awesome ~ Tote Bag

Do you design and make all of your products...


What do you love about owning your own business...

I'm my only limitation. If a new design or product comes to mind, I don't have to run it by anyone as I'm the boss and anything goes!

Cupcake Toppers

What is your favourite product that you make...

Oh there are so many to pick from! If I had to pick one it would be the perpetual calendar. My mom always had one hanging in the kitchen - it reminds me a lot of home.

How do you stay motivated...

The amazing feedback and support I get from people who follow TN. Every time I start getting frustrated or that "blank" feeling my customers always seem to pick me right back up. One of the best parts of running my own business is seeing the joy people get from my products. It's such an amazing, heart warming feeling.

Fabric Gift Wrap

Do you have any advice for others thinking
of starting a business...

If you don't try you'll never know. Have a clear vision of what you want to create, who your audience is, what your goals are and run with it. A clear business plan (as annoying as they are) will be your best friend in the end.

Bows Bows Bows Gift Card

How do you relax...

I LOVE to cook. I really love coming up with new meals, trying out new recipes, and turning individual ingredients into something new and delicious. Lately I'm into trying out a new soup recipe every week - delish!

Where to from here for Toodles Noodles...

Oh gosh... only time will tell! Though I can say that there are a few collaborations in the works and some new gift wrap designs for the holidays - yay!

Full of Hearts Paper Garland

Connecting and Buying...

Pop over and view Liora's gorgeous website

Visit her online shops here:

Toodles Noodles also has a list of retailers in NZ, see her website for details.

Pop over and 'like' and connect on Facebook

Twitter: @tootsnoots
Instagram: @tootsnoots
Phone: 021 808 464

There are so many beautiful designs at Toodles Noodles and Liora is clearly one talented designer! I look forward to following her business.


Liora has very kindly given me two of her gorgeous notepads to giveaway! To enter please follow the giveaway tab at the top of my Facebook page. Winner will be announced on my blog on Friday 2 August at 8pm. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Glorious Cushion Winner

Congratulations to Joanne Redgwell ~ you are our winner of the cushion from Glorious
Thank you so much Kylie & Lorna!



Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Glorious ~ Having a striking beauty or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration...
Full of beautifully selected items, Glorious is certainly living up to it's name!

Let's go shopping with Kylie & Lorna...

About Glorious...
We are two sisters who started Five Little Monkeys Ltd - a thriving children's online retail business back in 2009. We then opened a physical store October last year in Palmerston North before making the difficult decision to sell, and put our energies into Glorious which was a originally a part of FLM aimed to allow mums the opportunity to add a little something for themselves to their purchase for baby.
LOVE your business name, how did you decide...

It was one of those in the shower moments (being a mum of 3 little ones thats my only thinking space and its where all the big ideas come to me before the madness of our average day begins!) If you look at our logo you will see the definition of glorious - and it pretty much sums up our products! We love vintage, fresh and fun, Glorious is a word that we felt encompassed all of those things!

What do you love about owning your own business...

We love the flexibility it gives us to be able to work around our children, the trade shows are a hit too (if you can imagine to sisters away for a weekend, child free and shopping up a storm then you have the picture!)

What is your favourite product...

Oh its hard to just pick one!!! I have the "I'm walking on sunshine" Panel art by general eclectic in my ensuite - it wakes me up in the morning! I also have a selection of DANGER & lace plates, love them! I am a little crazy about anything Vintage! Lorna loves the GE locker door art, but generally we retail anything we would have in our own homes - we love it all!

How do you stay motivated... 
Its pretty easy when you get to work with such gorgeous products. Flicking through homeware magazines always inspires me, or Pinterest. And of course the fabulous feedback from our customers!

Advice for others in business...

Make sure its something you are passionate about or have a flair for. You will soon get bored in the daily grind if whatever you are doing doesn't float your boat!

Where to from here for Glorious...

Bigger, brighter and bolder! Watch this space you will see more of us! 

Staying in touch...

Currently you can find us on Facebook, after selling FLM we decided to have a new website built for us - its currently under construction and we hope to have it up and running soon! In the mean time find us on FB, contact us through the contact tab, or by commenting under any products you are interested in and we will find you!

I am so excited about Glorious and will be eagerly watching as new products are introduced! With their brand new website coming soon there is plenty to look forward to!


The gorgeous girls at Glorious have given me one of these very cool cushions to give away to a lucky person!!! To enter please see the giveaway link on my facebook page Liked. by Becky. The winner will be randomly selected using at 8pm on Wednesday 24 July. Good luck everyone and thank you Kylie and Lorna.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Michael & Maisie


With Diana's outstanding eye for choosing gorgeous fabric combinations and her ability to sew beautifully, she has created Michael and Maisie, a home business you must check out!

Let's chat with Diana as she shares some more

I'm a mum of two crazy monkeys and wife to a mad keen pig hunter! I work part-time aswell as a chef which is full on but great to get out of the house. I definitely get my love of fabric and sewing from my very clever mum, she is always busy with projects on the go, and she is always on hand to give me any help I need.
Like alot of other creative people out there I started out making things for gifts for others and Michael and Maisie started from there. I attended my first market as a stall holder, and started up my facebook page in early July 2011. I have become very interested in finding funky and unique fabric to make into my creations.
After playing around with lots ideas for business names, I decided on Michael & Maisie as it is the middle names of my children.

First off shower in the morning, get kids ready for school/preschool and head out the door to do drop offs and any jobs that need doing. If it's a day when my daughter is at preschool I usually spend this time making and creating clothing, also I am trying out some new patterns at the moment for the coming summer.

I enjoy the freedom of being able to do things at home, which works well around the kids. I love seeing people buying my creations, and enjoy getting pictures sent in of their little people rocking them!
I really enjoy sketching down new ideas for my applique t-shirts, also the skirts I make always turn out so sweet and look great on.

It can be a struggle sometimes with my other job and racing after kids, but I just look at all my fabulous fabric and know I need to make it into something stunning for someone special out there.




Get yourself out there, facebook is a great start and markets. I have met so many other talented crafters from doing markets, so its such a great way of networking and finding out tips on how to improve my wee biz and also I have made some wonderful friends.

I love to unwind with a great book and a glass of wine. I also enjoy sewing things for my children, as they seem to miss out. I also love taking the children out for bike rides and visiting my parents, who they adore.


From here...

I would love to keep slowly building my biz, adding to my ranges and growing the items for the boys. I also have stock available in a shop in Rangiora, so I would like to keep adding to that and moving into the warmer months, bring out more t-shirts, dresses, pants and skirts for the summer. I am also thinking about a website, just in the beginning stages at the moment though!


Stay in touch...
Keep in touch with Michael and Maisie by 'liking' Diana's page on facebook
She would love to hear from you and her email address is

Sewing is talent enough, but having the eye to choose gorgeous fabric combinations and knowing what fabrics work in different styles is something else! Diana is so talented in both and her sewing is absolutely beautiful. It's been lovely chatting Diana and I look forward to watching Michael & Maisie continue to grow!
Becky x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jamie Kay Giveaway

Congratulations to ANGE BEAUMONT ~ You have won our Jamie Kay giveaway!
Thank you Jamie x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BABYink NZ ~ Product Review

BABYink is a brand new product to NZ. It is an inkless printing kit enabling buyers to take their children's footprints or handprints in a non toxic, baby safe and mess free way!
BABYink comes in a cello sealed package and is an A5 size.
Included in the kit is the following:
Clear instruction sheet
1x non-toxic towelette
4x A5 sized double treated paper
Keepsakes ideas card
You have the choice of black, pink or blue ink and the kits are priced at $29.99 NZD.


So I have kindly been given one to try out! Let's see if it is as easy as 1,2,3! bearing in mind I have taken loads of footprints of babies using the traditional way of using messy paint (previously working in a preschool).

BABYink kit laid out

Step 1 ~ My wee man having his toes tickled

Step 2 ~ Pressing his foot onto the treated paper provided in the kit

Step 3 ~ Wait 5-8 mins for full colour to develop

The towelette can be used for up to around 30 mins afer opening(best results are by using it straight away). You can see here that I have been able to get handprints of my older boys aged 4 and 5.
In my opinion it was actually as easy and mess free as it says, all completed 1,2,3!
The footprints are clearest as they were done first, so I recommend to (as the kit says) use the towelette immediately upon opening. So have everything set up first and ready to go. One thing to be clear about before purchasing is that the kit labelled 'black' actually comes out as silver (as pictures above).

BABYink kits are now also available with a double frame and are priced at $59.99 NZD.

This product is suitable for parents/carers who would like to capture a moment in their childs development by taking their footprints or handprints.
A great idea for grandparents to give as a gift or to give at a baby shower or for a gift for a new mum when her baby is born. Something new and original!

I am very impressed with the product and can highly recommend it, a lovely way to capture precious moments at home in a mess free way!


You can purchase a BABYink printing kit from BABYink NZ's brand new website.

Keep up to date with new products including PETink by following their Facebook page.

Love to hear from any of you who go ahead and purchase,

Becky x

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