Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pop Roc Parties

All things gorgeous for you to create the party you have been dreaming of!
Love you to meet Julie from Pop Roc Parties

I'm a mama of three and wife to an amazing man.  I have a obsession with celebrating, collecting and pretty things.  I love baking, crafting, shopping, cafeing (is that a word?!), hanging with friends and watching tv!

Polka Dot Paper Straws


Pop Roc Parties started two years ago out of my frustration for all the cool things you can get overseas so easily but were harder to get here!

Bakers Twine

Choosing a business name...
The name came from our dogs Poppy and Rocco and it has stuck!

Mini Glass Milk Bottles

Daily routine...

I get up super early to prepare the kids for the day, breast and bottle feed my baby, check my emails and facebook.  Pop a loaf of bread on, do some washing, order products, direct my staff, read stories, answer emails, play with my kids, check instagram, cook dinner (well I try) and do more emails and paperwork.  Its a bit crazy at the moment!

Chevron Paper Bags

Owning my own business...
I love being surrounded by fun products which are used to create wonderful memories and the challenge of fulfilling my dream of owning a successful business.

Mini Polka Dot Cupcake Cups

Favourite product...
Umm thats way too hard to choose, I do have a major crush on the milk glass cake stand!

Milk glass Pedestal Cake Stand


Make sure you have the passion, drive, motivation and determination to work hard.  Love what you do and do it well and always think of the next thing/path you can do with your business.

Chevron Wooden Spoons
To relax I love chilling out watching my favourite tv shows and hanging out with my hubby!

In the future...
I am currently working on a new website. There will always be new products and I need to find the time to work on my blog to feature tables and events I have created.  This weekend I am creating a Halloween table, such fun!

Gingham Fabric Tape

Connecting and buying...



 Thank you Julie for sharing your gorgeous business with us! I am sure we all know where we will be heading when organising our next party!
Julie has so kindly given me an amazing giveaway for you to enter to win! I have 6 mini milk bottles, a packet of straws (your choice) and a washi tape (your choice) to giveaway. Please enter on my Liked. by Becky Facebook page giveaway tab.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Cushions by Stacey Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Melody Pretorius, you have won a gorgeous cushion made by Stacey!
Thanks so much Stacey

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cushions by Stacey

Think stunning designer fabrics, totally on trend, sewn into gorgeous cushions...

 Love to introduce you to Stacey!
As you know I’m Stacey & easy to remember... I own Cushions By Stacey! When I was first trying to find a name for my wee bus, I found it really hard & although ‘Cushions By Stacey’ is just soooo original (NOT), it STICKS!  I think my wee business has done so well this far because of word of mouth & this has happened alot because of that name!

It’s a bit of a story about how I started! It happened when our son was about 1 year old & I was feeling like I needed to stretch my brain a bit more. I had come from working full time & it was quite difficult transitioning to being at home full time. Although this was something I always wanted to do & something I was going to do, so I had to make it work! With a new sewing machine from my mother in law for my birthday I tried to get creative & make some cushions for our lounge. It was a lovely lady on Trade Me that asked if I could make her some (after buying my old cushion covers!) & things just went from there... once I had to ‘come out’ about what I was doing in my spare time, (after a friend shared my felt shop), people just really supported me....& so Cushions By Stacey was developed!

I’ve always loved design & style, home decor & homewares, colour & fabric! I’ve always tried to be a little risky & brave when it comes to style & I think this came out in my cushion styles. It was a risk (in terms of matching colours!) & people seemed to like them. They seemed to like my taste!

The great part is that I love helping people create & design their own cushions! I try & keep up with what’s new & what’s trendy, & track down the most IN fabrics to cater for that. It’s a bit cool being able to say that you designed your own cushions & I love being able to give my customers the chance to do that!

And so, here I am, in Outram (a little country town out of Dunedin), with my farmer hubby & my very cute son, my sewing machine & some plans, always lots of plans, there just is never enough time to implement them all! Things are pretty perfect... & the greatest thing is I can be at home with my son & make sure lunch is on the table for my hard working husband!
Thankyou to everyone for supporting my business!

What inspired you to start Cushions by Stacey?
Cushions By Stacey started April 2012, so we’ve (I always say we’ve... like I have a team or something... I just feel like when I say ‘I” that it’s all just a little too weird for some reason! Probably still trying to convince myself that I have this wee business) been I guess out & up & running for a little over a year now!

What is your daily routine?
To be fair... I do try to have a routine, (I’m a wee bit OCD at the best of times, but this does have its advantages you know, especially in terms of making cushions... they will always be pretty near perfect!) but routines are great, although a little tricky with having a busy wee two ½ year old, my routines (as any busy Mama knows) can change quite quickly at times!
We wake up in the morning. I check my emails & messages (& reply!!). I’m normally doing this while I’m lying in bed & the wee guy is playing with lightning McQueen & Mack the truck!
We get ready & take off for our outings for the day (whether that’s playcentre, little jiggles classes or friend outings/visits.) Two days a week Riki takes off to Montessori for a few hours in the morning & this is when I get amongst it & sew up a storm!
IN the afternoons hubby normally manages to take our wee guy out on the tractor for an hour & at this time I normally dash out for a run – this is VERY important to me! Healthy body, healthy mind & all that : )
I check my messages again... & if I’m lucky I might have some time to splash some paint on some cool piece of furniture I’ve bought, & maybe get the hammer & stapler out to do some reupholstering!
Before I know it its tea time & bath time & bed time. & I’m sewing or replying to customers, creating/designing customer orders!
That’s a typical day!

What do you love about owning your own business?
Like I said before... it’s weird having my own business! For some reason, I still feel like it’s a hobby, yet it’s certainly busy enough to be a business & YES its mine & I created it! It’s exciting. I feel proud & I love that I can work this business around me & my family. I can still do what I want to do & that means that our wee guy can come first! It’s great : )

What is your favourite cushion?
I don’t think people will be surprised when I say... CHEVRON! It has to be Chevron! It is sooo super cool at the moment & sooo IN. It sells like hot cakes & EVERYONE seems to like it. It works for lounges, it works for girl’s bedrooms, boy’s bedrooms, it’s a safe present, it comes in heaps of different colours, & it’s just plain cool!!!

How do you stay motivated?

I just love playing with fabrics! I love seeing an idea of something & then seeing the finished product. The finished product & the combos customers get me to create are exciting! I keep sewing because I can’t wait to see them finished & see what the lucky customer thinks!

Do you have any advice for others thinking of starting a business?
Funnily enough... I get quite a few messages from people asking for tips & so on. My advice is always the same... have a vision & just get researching. It’s not easy, & it does take time, but If you know what you want to do then just get to it, but most of all, be honest about it & remember... the customer is ALWAYS right!.  The key to live by when starting your own business...& especially in handmade IS... ’AN ESSENTIAL ASPECT OF CREATIVITY IS NOT BEING AFRAID TO FAIL’

How do you relax?

I’m currently training for a half marathon... & believe it or not, this is relaxing (well the first 10km is anyways!!).
If I’m not doing that, I’m watching good ole Shortas & Home & Away! My two ‘my sky programmes’ that I watch everynight when I get a chance to sit down : )

Where to from here for Cushions by Stacey?

I’ve got plans!! Watch this space as CURRENTLY Cushions by Stacey has some exciting things going on. I haven’t launched my new plan as some things are still coming together but it's exciting & I think it will go really well... x

How can we stay in touch?
My biggest selling place at the moment is Cushions by Stacey on Facebook!

I also sell in a few shops throughout NZ & I have a Felt store

The best place to contact me is

Or you can check out Cushions by Stacey on Pinterest too

 Thanks so much Stacey, I LOVE your cushions. The most fantastic part is the range of styles, something to suit every taste! Stacey has so kindly given me one of her cushions to giveaway to a lucky winner! Please enter via the giveaway tab on Liked. by Becky's facebook page

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Boozle & Popcorn Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Brenda Meech, you have won our
Boozle & Popcorn giveaway!
And a lovely thank you to Megan at Boozle & Popcorn

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Boozle & Popcorn

Beautiful handmade clothing for boys & girls. Kit your little ones out in a unique design from boozle & popcorn!

Let's chat with Megan as she shares some more...

Tell me a bit about yourself!

I'm a stay at home mum with two beautiful children aged 18 months and an almost 3 year old. I am a trained primary school teacher but for now am loving being a mum. I've lived abroad for several years, and now my husbands job has brought us back to NZ where I grew up.

When did boozle and popcorn start and what inspired you to start?

boozle and popcorn has been a work and progress for about two years. I've had loads of ideas and played around with these for months before putting them into practice. I was inspired by my children to be honest. Having children you receive so many gorgeous clothes and accessories but lots are generic. So I was inspired to create items that were just a little bit different to something you would see in shops and create my wee twist on them.

I love your business name! Where did it come from?

Austin and Poppy, my children are my inspiration for my business name 'boozle' is Austy and 'popcorn' is Poppy.

What is your daily routine?

Besides being a mum and all the daily routines and chores that come with that...once I get my kiddies down for their afternoon sleep I crack into action and try and get as much done as I can. Whether it be sewing, cutting out patterns, ironing finished creations, doing admin for b&p. I usually have about an hour and a half to do this and then I use evenings or any other time I can get when daddy is home to work on my list of things to do.

Do you design and make all of your products?

I do make all my own products, besides the actual singlet's. I buy those and add the frills and trim to them. Everything else is made by me.

What do you love about owning your own business?

I love that I can work around the everyday life style I lead having a family. Having my own business gives me something I can call MY OWN and I love that there are people out there that love my products as much as me.

What is your favourite product that you make or stock?

That's a tricky one because I love all my products...but I started initially doing the singlet's which I love and know others love too, but when I started doing the romper /playsuits for girls and the Nappant sets for boys, these became another LOVE. So can I have three?!!

How do you stay motivated?

Seeing my creations finished and I'm constantly looking at different fabrics which motivate and inspire me to then get creating to see how they look.

Do you have any advice for others thinking of starting a business?

Persevere...focus on the positives and that feeling when you sell something to someone you know loves your product.

How do you relax?

Sounds hard to believe nor relaxing, but spending time with my kids ha and husband. We go on walks, go to the beach (when it's warm)
I find sewing really therapeutic, hence starting up boozle and popcorn.

Where to from here for boozle and popcorn?

I aim to keep going onward and upward. I have a really good NZ/Australia client base, and hoping to try and get b&p further afield around the world.

Keep in touch with boozle & popcorn 

boozle & popcorn have a facebook page where you can view all of Megan's designs. Her email address is
She is currently working on a website so watch this space!

I am really excited to have found boozle & popcorn and am looking forward to watching Megan grow her business and bring out more unique and gorgeous designs! Thanks for chatting with us Megan.



Megan has very kindly given me one of her beautiful designs to giveaway to a lucky winner. If you choose the boys option, you will receive a Little Sailor Nappant (size 6-12 months) & matching Dribble Catcher. If you choose the girls option, you will receive a Ring-O-Roses Singlet (sizes 00-3/4 available) & Polkadot Dribble Catcher. Thank you so much Megan and good luck to all of you who enter! Please find the giveaway tab on Liked. by Becky
Thank you Megan!


Friday, 2 August 2013

Toodles Noodles Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Therese McInally on winning two gorgeous notepads from Liora at Toodles Noodles.

A big thank you to Liora!

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