Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Heritance Design Studio

I feel like I have found a hidden gem and what a beautiful find!!

I would love to introduce you to Jenny from Heritance Design Studio

My name is Jenny, and I run Heritance from a wee studio in my hometown of Christchurch. I studied Art and Design at CPIT and Bookbinding was one of the elective papers on offer. Bookbinding itself can be a very technical process and I'm a "details" person so I was instantly drawn to this age old craft. It didn't take long to realise this was something I really loved doing and the rest is history I guess you could say :)

Heritance is very much a fledgling business and is proving to be quite alot of work,and a big learning curve,but I really love it. I am passionate about designing and making something that is a bit different to what else is available out there, and I myself always love handmade as opposed to mass-produced.

To me, my family and friends are very important and I've always been really interested in portraying this subject in my work, especially the idea of passing on certain objects and values or ideas through the generations. I wanted a name that would reflect this in some way. Bookbinding itself too,is a practice which has been passed on through the ages and the name Heritance just seemed to lend itself nicely to these ideas. 

I don't really have a daily routine that I follow, it just depends on what I have going on in the way of custom designs or requests for people. I guess I just get busy with what I know needs to be finished first and then work from there. Coffee and Music are definately always part of the mix though!

Love about owning...
One of the things I love,is being inspired by a colour or an object or just something I see that sticks with me. Using that as starting point,being able to work and design it into a pattern or a motif. Then from there being able to take it and make it into something useful and functional is really rewarding. It's always a bonus when people like it, and want to buy it as well.

Current favourite design...
I don't necessarily have a favourite design, I just seem to get caught up and excited about whatever it is I am working on in that moment. If I had to choose something though,it would probably be one of the bright swallow patterns.

Staying motivated...
Staying motivated is something I definately struggle with some days... Like most people there are often other things going on to distract me, but I just try to keep my end goal of earning a living doing what I love in mind, and try to do something everyday to take me a step closer to achieving that goal.

Doing your homework first is definately a must. Researching what is already out there is super important start. Then I think it's about getting your product out and showing people what you do, and what you have to offer. Something I have found very helpful too is having someone you trust to bounce ideas off, or ask for advice or just a second opinion if you're not too certain. Kind of simple, but very effective.

I love spending time with my friends and family and having a good laugh.I also enjoy gardening, cooking and playing with my two dogs. All of these things for me are a really great way to relax and enjoy all the things I have been blessed with in my life.

From here...
I would love to see Heritance grow into a more successful business, but have no illusions that this is going to be at all easy. I am positive there will be a lot of hard work and few knock backs along the way but I am also pretty sure it will be all worth it. Plus there isn't really anything else I would rather be doing.  

Connecting and buying...
You can find Heritance Design Studio online on Heritance Design Sudio Facebook page and in my Felt Shop a website dedicated to showcasing all sorts of beautiful hand-made from some very talented artisans and crafts people around the country. I also have a growing number of Stores stocking my notebooks and journals, some of them being:
~ The Green Room, Design and Gifts, in Waikouaiti, East Otago
~ Design Withdrawals, Moray place Dunedin

In my opinion there is nothing nicer than opening up a brand new notebook with clear pages, ready to fill them with dreams & ideas. These hand bound notebooks from Jenny are truly a beautiful find.

Jenny has ever so kindly given me one of her gorgeous notebooks to giveaway to one very lucky winner! Please enter on my Liked. by Becky's Facebook page
The winner will be announced on Tuesday 1 October, all the best!

Thanks Jenny!

Inkee Press Giveaway Winner

 Congratulations to ~Kristyn Milson~ you have won some of these gorgeous mummy cards designed by Janelle at Inkee Press!

Thank you so much Janelle

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Inkee Press

 Every business needs a logo, a style, a look...a brand. I adore Janelle's designs!
Business branding at it's best!

 Let me introduce you to Janelle from Inkee Press
Starting Inkee Press...
Inkee Press started a few months before I was due to have my second child in 2012. With over 8 years in the design and print industry I wanted to start my own Graphic Design business as it has always been my biggest desire to be a work at home mummy.

Branding is so important...
My biggest advise would be to invest in an awesome logo to begin with, carry the logos typography and colour palette throughout the rest of your branding. Don't settle for anything less, your branding needs to represent the quality and standard of your work and the uniqueness of your products.

Owning a business...
I love that I get to work along side an awesome bunch of other like-minded women who I can relate to, creating designs that I am passionate about, and having an active part in building their business dreams and turning them into a reality.
Business Cards


Current favourite colour palette...
My current colour palette crush is peachy pink, aqua and mint green, but it changes far too often!
Business Banners

Advice for others...
If you are thinking of starting your own business, ensure its something that you are really passionate about, get along side an awesome designer who's style you already love, work with them to turn your own ideas and visions into a complete brand image that looks professional and is unique to your business.

Gift Voucher with your Logo

Time to relax...
I am an active relaxer, meaning that I always have to be busy, so at times its hard for me to relax. But normally it will be by playing outside with the kids, tending to the garden and the animals. I'm also busy running a non-for-profit organisation Early Buds that assists mothers with premature babies, helping others really makes me feel great and the kids an I spend time putting packages together to help these parents going through difficult times.


Connecting with Inkee Press...
You can email me direct at
visit my website at
follow me Facebook
and visit my etsy store at
Whether you are just starting out in business or you are a fully fledged up and running business, the importance of your brand can and should be never overlooked. Think of this as your 'shop window'. It needs to be attractive, professional and in some way enlighten people as to your businesses heartbeat. What does your 'shop window' say about your business? Today's challenge :)

Be into win some of these adorable mummy cards from Inkee Press, making it easy for mums to schedule play dates for their little ones. Winners choice of either design, customised with your own contact details and colour choice, supplied all ready laid up on an A4 sized pdf file for you to open and print onto cards as you need.
Please enter to win on Liked. by Becky's Facebook Page
Thank you so much Janelle!


Little & Loved Giveaway Winner

 Congratulations to ~ Mel Krishna ~ you have won one of these CUTE On Safari Backpacks! Thank you so much to Zoe from Little & Loved  for such a lovely giveaway

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Little & Loved

A gorgeous new online store full of beautiful products which are good for families AND the environment!
I would love to introduce you to Zoe from Little & Loved
I'm a full-time Mama to two pretty adorable little boys Max 4 and Finn 1, fiancee to an amazingly supportive Ben, who has the power to come home after a days work and whip up an amazing meal from what I thought were bare cupboards!?! I love to dream, cook, photograph and have recently discovered I love to write so have added blogging to my life! I'm not great at delegating so take on lots, don't often say no and enjoy a challenge...

Garden Pocket Bib - Waterproof 3 pk

When did Little & Loved start and what inspired you to start?

Inspiration for Little & Loved came from my sons Max and Finn and my passion for natural, organic and earth-friendly products. We launched just over three months ago on the 1st of May after over six months of research, product testing, web design and building supplier relationships. It's been a wonderful start!

On Safari - Lunch Box

Love your business name! How did you choose it?
That part was easy, in fact Little & Loved was the first name I thought of so I sat on it for a while, made lists, as I do, but always came back to it! I call my boys little loves as well as peach bum and sugar plum...but they weren't quite right ;) Little & Loved, while being adorable represents so much to me as well and I'm sure every parent can relate!

Peach Polka Dot Cloud Cushion

Your business philophy is awesome! Can you tell me a bit about it?
I'm passionate about living a green life to ensure a bright future for our next generation. I carefully select suppliers who believe in the same values so customers can buy with confidence knowing all producs are good for their families and the environment. I back each and every one of the products because I've used them and I love them!

On Safari Sandwich/Snack Bag - 2pk

What is your daily routine?
The biggest part of this journey for me is to be there for my boys! I'm up early, often before they wake to dive into my morning coffee and get some admin done, from their we kind of make up the day as we go. I try to get the balance right, making sure I get out with the boys every day, fit in some time for myself as well as support Ben who is also self emplyed (!!!). We're just a busy, happy family!

What do you love about owning your own business?
It's been wonderful choosing the direction of the marketing. I have a background in sales and marketing. I've been in quite senior roles but its nothing compared to owning your own company and making and breaking the rules as you go along! :) I love hearing from customers, I've had some amazing feedback, not only does it make my day, it keeps me motivated!
On Safari - Cutlery Set with Travel Case

What is your current favourite product that you stock?
Right now I'm loving the Flatout Frankie range, designed by a fabulous Kiwi Mama they are genius and tick all of the Little & Loved boxes! Plus, I can't not mention our sandwich and snack bags, which are one of out best sellers! Reusable, BPA and PVC free they take the rubbish and plastic wrap out of your little one's lunch box!

Flatout Frankie - Little Racer

How do you stay motivated?
I'm naturally quite a creative person so having plenty on the go, which is motivating in itself! I love writing lists and LOVE crossing things off!

Fabric Baby Book

Do you have any advice for others thinking of starting a business?
My family and friends have been amazing support, especially my partner Ben. I took a leap and it's working so I say, if you have a great idea, just do it! Since starting I've found so many wonderful Mamas running their own businesses, it's great to see what they are doing and get advice and ideas!
Plant Fiber Dinner Ware Set
How do you relax?
I love to cook, while most night's it's a mad rush to get dinner on the table, I try and have friends over once a week so we can make something special and enjoy some lovely company.

Sprout Ware Set - 10pc
Where to from here for Little & Loved?
I have big plans for Little & Loved. I'm working on several great collaborations with some of my amazing suppliers as well as expanding the range. I've been building the Facebook page to create a place where Mamas can come, not only find out information about the products I sell but get support, have questions answered and share their ideas with others.
Garden Lunch Bag

Connecting & buying...
You can find us online at
There is often a giveaway or promotion running on our busy Facebook page

and we love sharing little gems, from recips to creative DIYs on Pinterest

Garden Print Mat


Zoe has so kindly given me an On Safari Backpack to giveaway to a lucky winner! Please enter via the giveaway tab on Liked. by Becky's facebook page. The winner can choose the style based on stock at the time and will be notified by email on 17 September and announced here on my blog!

On Safari - Backpack

Zoe sent out a package for my boys a couple of weeks ago and the following products were included along with some yummy mint hot chocolate. Thank you so much Zoe, my boys and I were so excited when it arrived :)

Jack n' Jill Toothpaste
Wow this has been a hit in our house and has encouraged great toothbrushing. Even my wee 10 month old has liked having his two teeth lightly brushed. We were given the Blackcurrent flavour and it is such a nice taste. The first thing I noticed was the yummy scent and the second thing was that it is colour free - LOVE it! You can actually SEE that this is a natural toothpaste :) Find Jack n' Jilll Toothpaste here

Cold Balm
Well this was perfect timing as my wee one had a really bad cold at the time. The Cold Balm is so great. As you open the jar you are met with the most lovely scent and you just know it is going to be soothing. I put some on the inside of my wee man's top and is was great at clearing his nose. Find Cold Balm here

Disposable Wipes
How great are these!! They are made from plants and expand when you wet them with water. Perfect for travel and for having in your nappy bag when out :) They are free of alcohol and harsh chemicals, cholrine & perfumes and come in a reusable travel tube! Simply fill your tube up again with refills from Little & Loved. Find Disposable Wipes here

It is so lovely to meet you Zoe and thank you for sharing with us today about your exciting new business! I would love you to leave Zoe a comment either here or over on her facebook page :) Thanks!

Gallop - Handcrafted Hobby Horse & More Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Susan Caddie ~
You have won this gorgeous Enchanted Forest Cape with Peter Pan collar
Thank you so much Amanda from Gallop for such a beautiful giveaway!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Gallop - Handcrafted Hobby Horses & More

Beautifully handmade Hobby Horses, sparking creative & imaginative play in children!
Let me introduce you to Amanda...

Hi, my name is Amanda! I am a mum to three beautiful children, 8, 5 & 2. After deciding not to return to sports physiotherapy for a while after the birth of our son, I have helped my husband to run his business and started my own little venture Gallop, managing most of my work at night once the kids are in bed.

When did Gallop start and what inspired you to start?

Gallop 'started' when I first made my eldest daughter two of her own hobby horses when I just wasn't happy with the styles of existing hobby horses. Some toys just don't leave enough room for children to use and develop their own imagination. I love to see my children with the simplest of things, transforming them into whatever their wildest dreams can create; where a child can be lost in a world of their own as their imagination flies - Gallop tries to embrace this with each product that I make.

Do you hand make all of your products?

Gallop products are handmade, and I am particularly proud of all my hobby horse designs, which are made from my own patterns and feature a hand sewn bridle. Handmade means several things to me -

Time: I think that handmade items should have an element of time spent making them, not something necessarily whipped up in a few minutes.

Uniqueness: something handmade that takes time cannot be mass produced and hence has a unique quality to it.

Treasured: handmade items have an element of 'love sewn into them' and become more treasured because of this.

What is your daily routine?
My days revolve around my children: school, playgroup, dancing, soccer and general shenanigans! Sometimes its tough keeping the two separate, but I remind myself that they are only young for so little and why I work from home at night x

What do you love about owning your own business?

Having my own business means I can be with my children during the day – but it can make the nights long! The freedom to create what I like is also such an advantage.

What is your current favourite design?
My favourite design at the moment is probably my latest – the seahorse! It was amazing to see my concept become a reality. It did take a few attempts, but good things take time!

Gorgeous Seahorse

How do you stay motivated/where do you get your inspiration from?
Every item I make has its own uniqueness or story behind it. Whether it be the choice of fabric, a special addition or simply a name added to the bridle of a horse, each one is special. And I believe that the customer also picks up on the time and love that goes into each item, so this is also wonderful motivation.

Do you have any advice for others thinking of starting a business?
What have you got to lose if you try? The quote, ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’ is very fitting for people looking at a new venture. Give it a go!

How do you relax?
Relax? Whats that? Haha, by trying to focus on the kids when they are with me (and I'll admit I'm not perfect ALL the time!), stepping away from the computer and phone and getting outside with my toes in the sand is a great reminder to take the time to just..... breathe......

Where to from here for Gallop?
I'm always thinking of new products, looking at new fabrics for inspiration, but I try my hardest to keep Gallop as a place for beautifully crafted treasures that many had as children themselves or that can be passed down to children in the future.

Connecting & buying...
Follow Gallop on Facebook:

Email Amanda:

I am so excited to keep in touch with Amanda and follow her beautiful business, thanks so much for chatting with us today

Amanda has ever so kindly given me one of her beautiful handmade capes in the most stunning blue to giveaway to a lucky winner. Please enter via the giveaway tab on Liked. by Becky's Facebook page.


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