Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tealicious Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ ANNETTE HYNES ~ You have won the gorgeous giveaway from Tealicious!  Thank you so much Kim,

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Liked. Christmas Showcase

So very excited about this amazing Showcase starting tonight at 7.30pm! Don't miss out on over 25 NZ businesses bringing you their best in new releases, limited editions, great prices and free shipping! I would LOVE for you to get behind these businesses and shop till your hearts content and support support support!

In the few months of connecting and sharing with you some of NZ's small businesses I can honestly say how blown away I am by the gorgeous quality and range of products and services on offer. I love seeing how these small business owners fit into their own found niches and go about bringing you the best they can offer. Many of them are Mum's working super hard at home while juggling a family. Each with a dream they are working on making a reality.

It is my absolute honor and privilege to feature as many of these businesses as possible and keep you up to date on what is trending in NZ! Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Pinterest too to stay informed.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Beautiful vintage hire and high tea styling to make your event a truely special occasion!

I am very excited to introduce you to Kim


Tealicious is a Wellington based company that specialise in vintage china & decorative accessories that will make your event a truely special occasion. Whether you are hosting a High Tea at home for family and friends, wanting to create a unique event for a corporate client, or need some vintage items for your film or photo shoot, with our selection of vintage ware, you will be spoiled for choice.



Tealicious came about after my friend's encouraged me to set up my own business as I was always styling special events for them, such as weddings and birthday's. I've always had a passion for styling and beautiful homewares and I had a collection of beautiful vintage china that helped set the vintage theme for Tealicious.



I love having control over how the business looks and runs and the flexibility to be fully involved with my kids.

Serving China


A nice cup of tea is the perfect way to relax. My absolute favourite is Earl Grey Blue Flower from our supplier, t-leaf tea.


From here...

I've just taken on a business partner and we're busy expanding the business to include themed birthday parties. Just as we've done with Tealicious, we'll create unique personalised events that people will remember. We're also re-branding so watch out for our new name and new-look website coming soon.

Props & Accessories

Connecting & buying...

You can find the beautiful Tealicious website here
Stay in touch with Tealicious by following their facebook page 

Silver & Cutlery


Kim has so kindly given me this beautiful Camellia Trio by Royal Stafford, England and a pouch of loose leaf high grade Jasmine Tea to giveaway to one very lucky person. Thank you so much Kim! Please enter below. The giveaway closes at midnight on the 26 November and I will be emailing the winner on the 27 November and announcing the winner here. This giveaway is open to NZ residents only.


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Surrey Park Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Theresa Davis Te Whaiti ~ You have won the very cute Crochet Fox Cushion from Surrey Park!
Thank you so much Kim

Friday, 15 November 2013

Liked. Friday's With Janice

I am so very excited to introduce you to Janice! After a friend of her's (thanks Stacey from Art Out Loud NZ ) pointed me in her direction, I got lost reading her blog and soaking in all her business knowledge. We chatted online and she has so kindly partnered with me and is allowing me to share her posts for you to read right here on Liked. by Becky!

LOVE to introduce you to Janice

'Hi I'm Janice, and welcome to my retail blog. My husband and I, along with my father-in-law and family friends, manage and co-own two motorcycle stores: Spring Lynne Motorcycles (Ashburton) and Timaru Yamaha in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Before selling in motorcycle shops, I sold shoes and make-up. As a 22-year-old, enthusiastic public relations graduate, I founded my own make-up brand called Starla Cosmetics. I sold this to Farmers stores nationwide for 2 years. I threw myself in the deep end here!
I'm more of a high-heel shoe girl, than a motorcycle person. But I've learnt that the same principles apply in business no matter what the industry. I want to offer something different to all the online-directed business advice out there and something less overwhelming. Here you'll find some tried and true, practical shop keepers notes.'

Yay, excited!! So every second Friday, there will be a post from Janice sharing her experience and knowledge with YOU!!! Thanks so much Janice and I am so very excited to have you on board. Please do check out and like her facebook page A Retail Blog and also follow her blog here.

Good Vibrations - Intangible Marketing

I'm not a surfer (or anything close) but I know for sure that 'good vibes' go a long way in retail and business.

Who doesn't like to be, or shop, in a place that has a good feeling?

I worked for a company that had such a wonderful atmosphere that it has made a lasting impression on me, for life. And now every organisation is measured up against this one. I like to deal with companies that offer a positive vibe, and when I find them - I'm hooked. A loyal customer forever.

So how do you get your customers addicted, using such an immeasurable, seemingly intangible approach? That's right, I'm not talking about price wars, discount sales, shopping reward points or policies and procedures. I'm talking about mushy old feelings. And yes, they do have a place in business.

Because you can tell when a business has a good, and well thought out flow and the people all have the right attitude. Watching staff seamlessly sort through stressful, high pressure situations can be amazing to watch. It's like they've put on a show. And it's such a buzz to experience yourself as a manager and a customer.

And during quiet times, its a joy to come across a retailer not slumped on the counter, counting away the minutes is it not?!

When you're running a business, busy crossing T's, dotting I's and crunching numbers... how can you make sure your bricks and mortar retail store has a good vibe?

Be F.R.E.S.H in your business approach
If you've arrived at your own store and the atmosphere is less-than-fresh, you had better check the following aspects...

F - Family
Are you treating your staff and customers like an extended family? Do this and reap the rewards. Check that everything is OK with their families too.

R - Respect
Easy one. Treat others as you would like to be treated and ensure everyone is doing the same.

E - Energy
If the energy is lacking in your store, get your thinking cap on to get some energy going. Do you need some high energy music or a staff competition? Does your ever-yawning employee need to just get some fresh air? Do you need a nap on your lunch break? Chocolate anyone?

S - Simple
Simplify your store and its systems. De-clutter the shelves, your desk and shop window. A spring-clean surprisingly does wonders for sales.

H - Holistic
Think about everyone's needs in a holistic way, and don't forget your own. We can be so focused on the business that we forget we aren't robots - we are human. So be mindful of your own and your peoples whole selves.

Thank you Janice!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Surrey Park

"@ Surrey Park we believe life is beautiful, life is to be lived & enjoyed. We love those special items around you in your home that evoke memories of days gone by. We believe in using the "good china" & "guest soaps" everyday. We believe in romance & surrounding yourself with those you love & those who love you back. We have learnt to find the beauty in the little things in life, anything that makes you smile!"

Let's chat more with Kim!


Surrey Park officially launched in June 2012. I have always had a love of shopping (!!) & interior design & a long time dream is to one day have my own brick & mortar store. A big factor to kick start me was that I would see all these amazing things in magazines and then they were never available locally to purchase or the company would not ship nationwide so I thought that an online store would help people like me & the response from rural customers has proved that online shopping has made goods more accessible to everyone everywhere. I have worked for the last 20 years as a registered nurse & still continue part-time. I have always had a love of vintage & industrial styles, loving the magic & history items hold & how an item in your home can invoke a memory as you glimpse at it as you walk past. Nursing has taught me to take pleasure in every day, the simple things, laughter & friendship which is where our philosophy of using the good china & guest soaps everyday comes from!


Surrey is where my great great grandfather was born and when he and his wife settled in Cambridge NZ is 1866, they named their farm "Surrey Park" and remained there for over 40 years. Years on, my grandfather had a favourite racehorse also named "Surrey Park". So it felt right to carry on the name in their honour!

Baroque Water Bottle
Baroque Water Bottle


Once the kids are off to school the computer is fired up checking emails & orders first of all. Once orders are processed, countless minutes, (hours??) are consumed by Facebook, Pinterest & product sourcing. Somewhere amongst the spare hours there is housework, shopping, coffee & possibly a wine or two with friends… We also have a waterproofing business for which I manage the office, not nearly as exciting as homewares…..(don’t tell the husband that!). I love the flexibility of having my own business in that I can arrange my day to fit around the children & other commitments, time off for school trips or a celebratory lunch just means longer on the computer at night!

Glass Apothecary Jar


Our newest range is the gorgeous linen from Danish company by Nord, I love the simplicity of the designs & am a big fan of black & white interiors. I have become very influenced by Scandi designs recently. The majority of our products reflect my love of vintage, classic designs that don’t necessarily follow the latest on-trend fashions but will always have a timeless appeal. Basically everything on our virtual shelves is something I would love to have in my own home if I could find a way to smuggle it in without the husband noticing!

Toadstool Nightlight


The biggest piece of advice I was given for having an online store was to not think that it is “cheaper” to run as there are not the overheads of a physical store but to realise that more money is needed to be spent on advertising as you don’t have the same foot traffic & spontaneous purchases a physical store may receive. But most of all, my advice is to have fun. Don’t take it personally if someone unlikes your facebook page! Always remember why you started your business. We spend so much of our lives working that we must enjoy what we do.

LOVE Kim's philosophy!!! This is printed on the back of their business postcards.


I do love a good stroll around the shops, a glass or 3 of bubble with my besties, a quiet night in with the hubby, laughing at the random things that come out of the mouths of my teenage children & I could no survive without my Kindle!

Home Sweet Home Cushion

From here...

My dream is still to have my own brick & mortar store, so I keep designing its’ interior over & over! I will continue to search for new products I love & that hopefully our customers & friends enjoy also. If there is something in particular you are after we are happy to try to source it for you.

Hedgehog Cushion

Connecting & buying...

Shop online here





Kim has so kindly given me this very cute Fox Crochet Cushion to giveaway to a lucky winner! He is handmade, 30cm in diameter and is valued at $72.00. Please enter here. The giveaway closes at midnight on 19 November and the winner will be emailed on 20 November and announced here on my blog. Thank you so much Kim!

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Squoodles Giveaway Winner

 Congratulations to ~ Leteisha Morris ~ You have won a map of NZ Flexi Chalkboard and a liquid chalk pen!

Thank you so much Tracy 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Pressie Box Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Holly Wiseman ~ You have won the Christmas Treats Hamper from The Pressie Box. Thank you so much Rachael!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dino Love

I have 3 little boys and my middle man LOVES dinosaurs. He studies them in books and spends hours drawing them and knows all their amazingly long names. So I decided this week, while thinking of my wee man at Kindy, I would make a dinosaur board.

For you Joel x 

1 Dinosaur Everyday Shorts ~ Slipstitch

2 Dinosaur Lunch Bag & Drink Bottle ~ 3 Wishes

3 Reversible Bucket Hat ~ Pineapple Designs

4 Prehistoric Bibbles ~ Bibbles - Dribbles

5 Mor-Stor Cooper Canvas Storage Tub ~ Mums Know Best

6 Dino City Coverall Bib ~ Raff's Closet

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Pressie Box

Beautifully stylish Gift Boxes, Hampers & Gifts for all occasions that will be sure to leave a lasting impression!

I would love to introduce you to Rachael


I created The Pressie Box in August 2010. Earlier in the year I had decided (after the birth of my third son) not to return to my job of 10 years as a Financial Manager. I like to keep super busy (that's an understatement!), so I went in search of a project to give me something other than housework and being a parent to focus on. In previous jobs I was always the one who organised the leaving gifts, and gifts for new babies etc, so it seemed natural to head in that direction. 


My husband and I spent hours trying to think up a name. The Pressie Box just kind of came about, we were wanting a play on words, we primarily sell Gift BOXES and of course Gifts are PRESSIES hence The Pressie Box was born :)

Keep Calm And...

In 3 words...
Quality - Stylish - Personalised (Service and Hampers!)


Good question! I currently work another job also, and we now have FOUR children so we are constantly juggling our schedule! Once I have the kids off to school my two little helpers (Master 4 - when he isn't at Kindy, and Miss 18months 'help' me assemble and dispatch our orders for the day. I then fit in a bit of ordering, replying to customer queries and general office work before I head off to my other (temporary) job at Midday. Once home it’s a mad rush to have dinner, do homework and get kids off to bed before I catch up on anything, and prepare any orders that need to be sent first thing, I always find time to have a cuppa and watch a bit of TV before I fall into bed!


I love that I can fit it in with the needs of my family! I love how attached I get to my customers, I have made some life long friends this way - gosh that makes me sound like a stalker hehe! 


Do it! Seriously, make a plan - keeping in mind plans ALWAYS change! Never underestimate the power of one small idea. Most huge companies started in a spare bedroom or a back room in their garage and now look where they are! They all started with one small idea. Also, hook into a good mentor if you can.


In the evenings, I always take the time to chill out in front of the TV before going to bed. When I can, I like to go for a walk. I love pampering, and would just about give my right arm to have a decent pedicure right now!

From here...

We are just about to build a wee studio in our backyard. I can't wait to have my own space - dedicated to our growing business. We are also about to expand, and very soon I will have my own assistant to help during our busy times. Hubby, my dear Mum and other family members will still be roped in to attend Markets and to help during our peak season :)

Connecting and buying...

You are welcome to purchase directly from our website

Or if you would like us to create a custom designed Hamper especially for your recipient, please email us with their favourite treats and your budget and we would love to put something together for you ~

Please come along and join us on The Pressie Box's Facebook page where you will see first-hand our new products as they arrive, be able to enter giveaways/competitions and be part of The Pressie Box community. 


Be in to win this amazing Christmas Treats Hamper!  

The Hamper includes:
Belgium Style Drinking Chocolate
Chocolate Hokey Pokey Christmas Santas
Luxury Fruit Pudding
Seriously Good Company Shortbread
Cashew Nuts
Russian Fudge
Chocolate Brownie
and loose chocolates from Donovans!
Prize includes delivery within New Zealand.
Value: over $90.00

Please enter on the giveaway tab on Liked. by Becky's facebook page
Entries close at midnight on 11 November and the winner will be announced here on 12 November.

Thank you so much Rachael!

Lulu's Closet Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Annette Jackson ~, you have won a $30 voucher from Deb at Lulu's Closet to spend in one of her Facebook Market Nights!

Thank you so much Deb! 

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