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Thomas Pie

 Beautifully handmade designs, I would love to introduce you to Amy from Thomas Pie!


I live in Blenheim with my wee man Thomas (2 in Feb), work in the wine industry, study and run Thomas Pie from home. I have always been a creative person and love having this as a creative outlet. Working in the wine industry allows you to be creative as well and I think my favourite part about it is working with yeasts and using them in different ways to manipulate the flavours you get out of grapes. I can talk wine all day everyday! Everything I do I am very passionate about.

Thomas Pie Pinafore


I had my first (and only) child in February 2012. I started making things for him after he was born mainly due to my frustration at not being able to find clothes for boys that A: weren’t blue and B: that fit his little body properly! Boy’s clothes always seem to be so big on their little legs and it’s always pictures of trucks on tee-shirts! The first pair of pants I made him was a paisley print in bright green and were fitted in the leg! Very different from what was available in the shops. From there it grew to making things for others and I started Thomas Pie in December 2012.

Top Knot Headband


When I was pregnant I called him my little Pie and his initial are TP so it was a tossup between Teepee and Thomas Pie. When I signed up to buy something on Felt just after he was born (not thinking then I would also end up selling on Felt) Teepee was taken so Thomas Pie it was!

In 3 words...

Fun, handmade, unique

Thomas Pie Quilt

Favourite product...

My elephants. They have been by far my most popular toy! I make each one different and they all have their own personalities. There will never be two Thomas Pie elephants that are the same – they are all individuals just like us.


Yes all of my products are all cut and sewn by me and a few of the patterns are designed by me too!

Thomas Pie Crayon Roll

I am a single Mum so there isn’t a moment spare in my day! We are up early and off to day-care so I can either go to University (I am finishing a science degree) or work, then its home for some playtime, dinner, bath, book and bed! Tommy goes to bed by 7pm which then gives me time to either get the study done I need to or work on orders for Thomas Pie. I have to be really disciplined and have started allocating my time to study and Thomas Pie so that I make sure both get the attention they need without taking away any attention from Tommy.

Fun Pants


The flexibility to do it how I want, to try new things and if they don’t work it doesn’t matter. It allows me to use up all my creative energy! I don’t do it for the financial side (cause let’s face it it’s hard to make a living out of crafting!) but more for the joy I get seeing a little person in the street with something I made.

Taggie Blanket


Make sure you know what your brand is before you start. If you don’t you can’t expect any of your customers to understand either! And make sure you have a point of difference. There are an endless number of people out there with small businesses so you need to offer something unique.

Thomas Pie Bibs


On the very rare occasions when I get 5 minutes to myself, I love going to my favourite cafe in Blenheim (Ritual) and having a coffee and possibly reading the Frankie magazine I bought a few months ago that I haven’t got to read yet! Otherwise, anytime I spend with Tommy is food for my soul.

Elephants at Market

From here...

I am working on designing my own fabrics and want to add some more pieces to our range – like baby tights and swaddle wraps. I’ve just started doing gift wrap and handmade gift tags so my aim is to be a one stop shop for baby shower and birthday gifts.

Thomas Pie Shorts


I am active on Facebook which is a good place to keep up to date with new products, giveaways and sales  If you are after something custom this is the best place to contact me.

Products can be purchased through Felt or Etsy and you can also follow us on Pinterest or Instagram (search ThomasPie2012)

Boys Ties

Amy has so kindly given me one of these gorgeous Elephants to giveaway to one very lucky person! The winner will have their elephant custom made and has the choice of boys, girls or unisex colours. Please enter here. The giveaway closes at midnight on the 17 February and the winner will be announced here on my blog on the 18 February. Thanks so much Amy!


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