Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Emily & Me ~ Soy Melts

Emily & Me ~ Soy Melts

Over the past month I have had such a wonderful time trying out some of Tracy's gorgeous soy melts. I have tried a range of fragrances including Lavendar & Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium & Fruit, Cinnamon Roll and Otago Autumn. 

All you need is an oil burner (I bought one from The Warehouse for just $2.99) some tea light candles and some matches.You place the soy melt in the top of the burner and it melts with the heat from your candle. After about five minutes you get the most beautiful scent. The scent lasts well over an hour and it really does fill the room. 

I loved all the fragrances, but my absolute favourite was Cinnamon Roll. It has such a gorgeous sweet scent of cinnamon! 

These would make a lovely Mother's Day gift and you can purchase them here. Have a look at the Soy Melt Sampler ~ gorgeous!

Do have a browse around the rest of Tracy's website too, she has a beautiful range.

This is my set up :) I adore the shape of the melts

Here is the melt while burning 

Tracy Perkins
Quality Fragranced Soy Candles
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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Little Mint Boutique Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ April Flannery-Beaumont ~ You have WON this gorgeous pram blanket from Little Mint Boutique!
Thank you so much Sarah for the gorgeous giveaway and thank you all for entering x

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Toddle Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Annie Togiafofoa ~ You have won a blue headband from Toddle! 
Thanks so much Karen and team x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Announcements by Donna S

Lovely to introduce you to Announcements by Donna S

Hi I am Donna and I make personalised, framed pieces of art using words. I started by making birth records for family members about four months ago. After great feedback I posted them on my facebook page and they have been incredibly popular.

I have a Kiwiana range that are available to order at any time. I primarily print 8"x10" prints but am more than happy to print larger or small images.

I often use a photo of a loved one and create a print from that.

These prints are great gifts for any occasion ~ birthdays, weddings, and in remembrance of.

Pop over to Donna's Facebook page to follow and to keep up with her new designs!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


 What an AWESOME online store! 
I am super happy to introduce you to Tracy from Squoodles!

HI! I'm Tracy and I'm mum to two darling boys who will be 2 and 4 next month.  My hubby is Dean and we've been married 5 years this week!  In my previous life before kids, I was in sales and marketing within the print industry, and my passion at that time was Latin and Ballroom dancing (where I met my hubby).  Squoodles is like my third child and our focus is completely on Educational Toys and Gifts for kids.  Mainly babies and preschoolers, but there are a few things for the mums and older kids as well.  Our aim is to have exclusivity (or as much as possible) within New Zealand on the products we stock.  Quality and affordability is a must, as our key customers are mums.  For me, Customer Service is a top priority, and I pride myself on providing that.

Musical Instruments

The thought of running my own business really took hold back in December 2012 when another online business was for sale and that planted the seed.  I had been looking for something 'to do' once one child was at kindy and the other still little enough to be sleeping alot.  So after alot of thought, a decision was made that it would be easier (and cheaper) to create our own business, with our own vision and products.  So, by February 2013 we were a Limited Liability company and underway!  We launched on the 1st May 2013 and our one year anniversary is coming up.  We survived the first year!


When coming up with a business name, we wanted something unique - basically, a catchy word that didn't exist in the dictionary.  When I was first pregnant with our now 4yo, we called him our 'Squoodle Bug', so it seemed an appropriate and fun name for a business specialising in kids products!

Night Lights

In 3 words...
Fun - Quality - Service

Favourite item...
It changes each time we get something new in, but at the moment I love the Magmodz Magnetic cars!  Exclusive to Squoodles in Australasia, they're addictive!  Being magnetic, and with the ability for the fronts, backs and limo extensions to able to be swapped about, they're really easy to play with and just a really fun toy.  They also help with fine motor skills with young kids as they get used to putting them together (think the concept of the Thomas trains, but slightly different).  Hubby and I just end up fiddling around with them while we're watching TV.  They're great for relieving stress :-)  And my two boys LOVE them!

MagModz Magnetic Cars

Pretty much the norm for a WAHM.  Getting kids up, dressed, fed and out the door for kindy and playgroups.  Then feeding them some more, changing more nappies, and getting the little one down to bed, which allows me to have a few hours of uninterrupted work time.  I'm finding it getting easier as the kids get older as I have more time to dedicate to Squoodles, and don't feel so guilty.

Constructive Eating

It's all mine and I love it.  I don't answer to anyone else, and I make the decisions (good and bad).  It's an amazing learning experience.  I have the opportunity to provide fun, inexpensive products to kids, while at the same time, exposing them to an educational element without them realising it.  Having the ability to still have my sons at home so I can share in their milestones is also pretty cool - and it's nice to be able to still take them to Mainly Music, playgroups and playdates, and have a business as well.

All For Baby

I'd say first decide what type of business you want to have and how many hours you are happy to spend on it.  Running a business is hard work, it takes time, money and dedication - and it's not easy, especially when you have kids and a husband to look after as well.  So if you think you're going to make a quick buck.... you're probably better off buying a lotto ticket.  Make a business plan and do what works for you.  Talk to and get advice from others, but just like child rearing, listen to yourself.  At the end of the day, I think gut instinct is key - and if you get that yucky horrible feeling, it's usually a bad decision.

Out And About

With wine!  And lots of it!  Hee hee, not really.  My downtime really is once the kids are in bed and it's just hubby and me.  It's a good time to turn the TV off, have a glass of wine, and chat about your day to each other.  Like everything, you still have to have time for your marriage.  We also have a date night every couple of weeks without the kids - bliss!

Flipzles Puzzles

From here...
World domination!!!!  Onwards and upwards with a smile on our face.  We have a great plan in place, and this is our year for growth.  We have stepped up our profile by showing the product range at markets and expos, and it's great to meet the Squoodle Bug customers face to face.  We have some amazing new exclusive products in the pipeline, and can't wait to introduce them to Australasia in the future.

Connecting and buying...
We sell our products through our website (and markets/expos).  We also offer loyalty points with every order, as well as a FREE goodie bag for the mums.  We also love running giveaways and specials - so keep an eye out!

Email :
Pinterest: (yes, no 's' on that one)

Squoodles offer...
We'd also like to offer all the fans of Liked by Becky a 20% discount off our MagModz Magnetic Car range - just so you can see how awesome they are and have a good play with them yourself!

Find the range here ~
Thank you Tracy! x

19Black Giveaway Winner

 Congratulations to ~ Paula Hudson ~ You have won this awesome GIANT mug from 19Black. Thank you so much Judy for the fantastic giveaway!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


 Let's find out about ChatBus!

ChatBus provides a free, mobile counselling service to children under 14 years, in Dunedin. Working out of little buses parked at Primary and Intermediate Schools, the children can access professional counselling without having to depend on an adult to transport them, or to organise support for them.

Children often find themselves without a voice in family situations, and feel like they don't really matter, and no one understands. With our nations high rate of youth suicide, it is important that we teach our children that it is a good, healthy practice to talk about worries, and find support when times are tough.
ChatBus really is a "fence at the top of the cliff" rather than an ambulance at the bottom, providing help while children are young, and before life becomes too complex, with the onset of the teenage years.

The aim of ChatBus is to have a community where all children are protected and valued for the treasure they are.

ChatBus receives no government funding and relies totally on donations and grants, and 100% of donations go into the frontline work with the children.

Love you to pop over and read some more on the ChatBus website donate if you possible can and also 'like' their facebook page to support!

Website ~ 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


What a funky store! Check out 19Black!

About ...
I am a busy mum of 3 (oldest has just married and youngest has just started college) The family nest is currently at 3 with my husband, myself and a teenager at home. We live in a small rural town on a lifestyle block.
19black was an idea that just evolved from necessity really. I sustained a neck injury in a motor cycle accident many years ago (when you are young and bullet proof!) and this has now come home to roost meaning I cannot commit to a 9-5 job. I began looking for something to do from home and initially 19black started with an imported, quirky tee shirt line and just grew from there. If I liked something it got added to the range and the more I look, the more I like.

APPLE Teapot by Britto

'Blow it all on 19black' was something my husband said all the time and it kind of just stuck as a family joke. Of course you won't find 19black in the casino, it is 19red! When I was looking for a website name it just kept coming back so I decided that 19black would be the name. We added 'other STUFF we like' so our range of products is not limited and can and will vary over time.

General Eclectic Coloured Breadboards

In 3 words...
Quirky, Friendly, Fun

Favourite item...
My current favourite would have to be the 'Zombie' twist on the USA made Pink Flamingos. Gotta love a Zombie apocalypse in any form!

Umbra Floating Bookshelf

I still do an early morning run to the school bus at 7.30am and from there spend my day between running a household, a lifestyle block and 19black. Flexibility is the key!

Umbra Wall Decor

I really enjoy being able to work from home. It gives me the freedom to be able to attend school activities and work hours that suit me. I can sort orders, wrap parcels, browse and order etc whilst running around with a busy family. They are also my test dummies for all sorts of products, with the added advantage of being able to wrap and pack when required.

VW Campervan Tent

The same as always, research your idea well and don't underestimate how much time and capital will be required. For myself I had never worked in retail, but the service industry I had worked in and being a parent provides you with many transferable skills.

General Eclectic Wall Art

From here...
We are pretty excited to be adding a new range of Wedding/ Event products to 19black. After helping my daughter organise her recent wedding we have found lot's of new stuff to like.
19black has recently been invited to exhibit at both 'Big Boys Toys' and The 'Hitched' Wedding Expo showing two extremes of our stock range.

James Bond Cufflinks

I would like to say read a book, watch a movie, but it's probably more like being on the internet searching for new 'stuff' for 19black.

Rock n Roll Record Wall Clock

Email ~ 
Website ~
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and for the wedding stuff

Giant Outdoor Jenga

Seeing as there is a Royal Visit and Mother's Day is just around the corner we have a giveaway for one of our giant coffee mugs "Mum, a title just above Queen"! Please enter here. This giveaway will close at midnight on 14 April and the winner will be emailed and announced on my blog on 15 April. Open to NZ residents only. Thank you Judy!!! x

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MelodyArt & Designs Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Jenny Latto ~ You have won a Family Rules Keepsake image from MelodyArt & Designs! Thank you Melody x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MelodyArt & Designs

Gorgeous keepsakes to capture memories! 
Love to introduce you to Melody from MelodyArt & Designs!

I started MelodyArt & Designs about 4 years ago, well before our son, Theo, was born. At that stage
I was primarily focusing on providing wedding and party stationery with a paua theme. When
Theo was born, we decided that it was important to us that I was going to be at home with him
full time, it’s  lovely to be able to keep on doing something that I love. My life drastically changed, babies tend to have that effect don’t they? With that so did the general direction of MelodyArt & Designs and I started to do keepsakes for birth and other occasions.

Boys Word Art Image

When I was 12 I started making handmade cards for family and friends. I always signed the back of the cards with a heart and “MelodyArt” below it. Being very arty and creative, I just loved how the rest of my initials spelt Art so that was how Art came to be in the name. Designs was added in 4 years ago when I started my facebook page, and though I am married now and initials have changed, the name has become my creative identity and has stuck.

Girls Word Art Image

In 3 Words...
Capturing Timeless Memories

NZ Keepsake

(I don’t have a daily routine as I am not a routine orientated person)  I do most of my work upon inspiration and if that hits after midnight I will often work until 3am. Most days I spend balancing work and time with Theo. It has it’s challenges, especially when he refuses to nap , but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Family Keepsake Image

Excited About...
I am most excited about my recent collaboration with the lovely Shannon from Baby it’s Personal.  We have, together, released a range of keepsakes on cushions which we love and they are proving to be popular.  It’s a great experience to work together with someone to bring a new project to life.

Keepsake Cushions

Advice to others wanting to start a business: be original! There are so many businesses doing the same sorts of things. Don’t copy them, put your own creative twist on your work and find something that will set you apart from others. It’s a lot of work but is a fantastic journey that will grow your character.

Nanny Keepsake

Giving Back...
It is very important to me to give back and I do this by creating remembrance keepsakes for families who have lost a little one due to miscarriage, still birth or illness.  This is a service I offer free to families in new Zealand experiencing loss.

Angel Baby Word Art Image

Website ~
Facebook ~
Website for cushions ~

Wedding Keepsake Image

Melody has super kindly given me a Family Rules Keepsake digital image to giveaway to one of you! Please enter below. The giveaway will close on 7 April at midnight and the winner will be emailed on 8 April and announced here on my blog. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!
Thank you Melody! LOVE you all to share, thank you x

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