Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Struckla & Peach

I have fallen in love with these amazing handmade masks for kids! It is lovely to introduce you to Kelly and Cushla from Struckla & Peach!

Kelly (Peach) has been married for 10 years to Rodney and they have two children, Toby 6 and Hadley 4. Cushla (Struckla) has been married for 6 years to Karl and they have two children, Cooper 2 and Isaac 6 months. We both live in Whitianga and we are sisters.

BatKids Masks

We started Struckla and Peach just over 2 years ago when Cushla had her first baby, we both love to create and sew, and wanted to make cute, practical and affordable baby things. In the beginning we only made feeder bibs, burp cloths, changing mats and little soft shoes. Back then we only sold our things at the Whitianga Markets. Now our product range also includes hooded towels, cot blankets, plushies, teething rings, hats, beanies, swaddling wraps, dribble bibs, felt ball garlands, and our collection of felt animal masks, crowns, pirate hats and feather headdresses. We still sell at the Whitianga Markets, but we now have our products online and in stores around NZ and internationally also.


Naming your business... 
Its our childhood nicknames, we thought it was quite appropriate for the business :)


Our kids are always our first priority, and apart from school for Toby and some kindy days for Hadley and Cooper, we are both full time Mumma's, so we try to work around their routines. It's sometimes stressful trying to raise children and work from home, but we love what we do.

Blue Fox Mask

Shopping for our fabrics is something we both love doing. So that is always a big plus for us! We import from America and love getting fabrics that mums in New Zealand may not have seen before. Also owning this business together is fantastic, we always have someone to sound ideas off on and to offer praise or criticism, to keep each other motivated and to just have a great time together.

Crocodile Mask

Designing and making...
Yes we design and make all of our products ourselves :) We love coming up with new and interesting designs be it for something smart and practical like our changing mats or something creative and intricate like our felt animal masks. And it is all sewn up by the two of us in our homes.

Fox Masks

We are constantly thinking of the next thing we could make for the business, right now we are venturing into making cuffed leggings and slouchy beanies for these colder months.

Shark Mask

Keep in touch by liking the Struckla and Peach Facebook page and do pop over and browse their website ~ all their links are below.

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Kelly & Cushla have given me a very cute giveaway! The winner can choose a felt mask!

*Stock & availability may vary.
The giveaway closes on the 2 June at midnight. Open to NZ residents only. The winner will  be notified by email and announced here on my blog and has 3 days to respond before a redraw will take place.
Thank you so much Kelly & Cushla!

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Iti Baby Giveaway Winner

 Congratulations to ~ Nicole Zwies ~ You have won a Merino Hat from Iti Baby, perfect for this weather! Thank you so much Dana x

Friday, 23 May 2014

Uku Chic Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Rachel Henderson ~ on winning the adorable cushion cover from Jenny at Uku Chic!

Thanks so much Jenny x

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Having a lovely chat with Sarah from MissMollyCoddle!

MissMollyCoddle is the little girl in me that loves 1950's ballerina prints and fabrics, red mary janes and roses, granny squares and vanilla squares, china cups for cups of tea, pastel pinks, blues and all soft hues, who loves to bake in a pretty pinny, make believe and tales of whimsy.

MissMollyCoddle came about after my first daughter, Eden was born and I had an overwhelming need to create and listen to that little 1950's child's voice. As my little girl, and now her brother Ben, have grown, so too has MissMollyCoddle. It still contains my popular baby shoes, coats and homewares, as well as new toy, gift and decor items with a nostalgic twist to appeal both to children, and to the child in you.

I look forward to bringing you many gorgeous items, sourced from around the globe and from clever people here in New Zealand. I hope they bring you as much joy as they have me, creating or sourcing them. May they bring a smile to their lucky recipient, and personality, colour and love to your home.

Sarah x

Sarah has the most stunning website full of gorgeous items. I can promise you, you will love it! Follow her on Facebook and Pinterest too.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Iti Baby

Beautiful baby skin care, hats & swaddles. 
Today I am chatting with Dana from Iti Baby.

Hello, my name is Dana, I am married to Matthew, and we have two little girls - Tahlia (5) and Chloe (3). I am a nurse by trade, and still work as such in the weekends. I love to paint and get out in the garden when I have time (which these days is hardly never!)

Organic Bamboo Swaddle

Our journey to Iti Baby has been a long one. My second baby needed to be swaddled until she was 9 months old - she was a terrible sleeper and this was one way we got at least a little sleep from her. She outgrew her "large" swaddle at 12 weeks and you couldn't buy anything any larger, we struggled using cot sheets to swaddle with, which were next to useless - they are the wrong shape and have no stretch. The Iti Baby Jumbo Merino Swaddle was born!
As a family we love to support local events, charities and products. So naturally our Iti Baby products are all made right here in Dunedin, by professional seamstresses and all our labels/print outs etc are NZ made too.
The skin care range was more of a need for 100% natural skin products for my family, and with a little trial and error we have now got some fantastic products.

Ultimate Gift Box

Iti is a Maori word for little or tiny, and I love the sound of it ee-tee, sounds so cute and little. Hence Iti Baby.

Merino Colour Range

After the mad rush getting the kids to kindy and school and feeding the dogs, rabbit and chickens I usually sit down with some breakfast/brunch and check my emails and facebook.
My week then involves approaching businesses to wholesale our products to, liasing with current stores, packaging and sending parcels for orders from our website, designing and ordering more products to be made at our sewing company, making skincare products, designing packaging, organising packaging production/ordering, website maintenance and running our facebook page. Also I run the household and try to catch up with friends for coffee dates a few days a week, it is quite a busy life!

Merino Hat

I love the flexibility, the creativity and the challenge. I love being able to design and create new products.

They are all designed by myself. The sewing and loom work are all made by local professionals so we maintain a premium quality products and have the ability to supply large orders. The skin care range is all batch processed and hand crafted by myself.

Skin Care Range

Staying motivated...
Some times I don't!! I am a very self motivated person, and a good long list of jobs that need done is usually all I need to get inspired to get working.

Plan, plan, plan! We kind of launched into this without too much forethought, but I believe our ride would have been much smoother if we had planned a little more. Also be very aware how much set up costs are actually involved – I never realised how expensive glass bottles or printing of labels actually was until I was in the midst of it.

New Zealand Merino Swaddle

I don't! Well, not often at least. I find gardening very relaxing, and I feed our family from the vege garden for 8 months of the year, so it is a priority for us. I also love meeting up with other mums for coffee or having a snuggle with my girls.

Mother To Be Gift Box

From here...
Iti Baby is slowly getting in to more and more shops, and the shops that do stock them are finding thing are selling well. We would like to continue to expand in NZ and are also looking to supply a few shops in the UK. We also have a knitted Vintage range in the pipe line, which is very exciting!

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Dana has given me one of her Iti Baby Merino hats worth $45 to giveaway to one of you!

"Our Iti Ear-Flap Hats will keep your baby snug and warm and looking super cute. Made in NZ from 100% ultra fine NZ merino - these are the ultimate hat for style, quality and function.

DOT will fit a tiny baby through to the size of an average 3 month old
BABY will fit an average sized baby from birth until at least one year of age
TOT will fit from around 1 year until around the age of 3 - they do fit my 5 year old!"

*This giveaway is open to NZ residents only. It closes at midnight on 26 May and the winner will be notified by email on 27 May and announced here on my blog. The winner has 48 hours to respond before there will be a redraw.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Uku Chic

Say hi to Jenny from Uku Chic!

Hi I am Jenny. I started Uku Chic two years ago, and I am currently celebrating two years of handcrafting fun! I live in Waiuku and this is where the name Uku Chic came from!

I construct awesome creations with fabric and a sewing machine. I started sewing when I was about 12, continued to sew and create when I had children, then gave it away for awhile but rediscovered this early passion when I made a Dr Seuss bunting for a birthday party in 2012.

I create an eclectic mix of products for children and the home. I have yet to settle on anyone particular style, and create items that include modern, vintage using vintage fabric and styles and sometimes a bit of recycling thrown into the mix. I buy small amounts of fabric with the aim of offering unique items especially for children’s clothing, so purchasers can be assured of the specialness of their item.

Jenny has such a fun Facebook page to follow where there is always something great happening! Follow her to keep up with new designs.

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Jenny has chosen to giveaway this stunning cushion cover with a value of $25 to a very lucky person! Please head to my Facebook page to find out how to enter.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lisa Foster Photography

 I am very excited to introduce you to Lisa from Lisa Foster Photography

Hi, I'm Lisa. I love babies, children, photography and capturing beautiful memories that make people happy :) I'm a mum of one with a two year old daughter and decided to follow my dream of becoming a photographer not long after my daughter was born. Six months ago I launched my business Lisa Foster Photography with a cosy little home studio in Pukekohe, Auckland and I've been meeting and photographing gorgeous families ever since.

I know firsthand how quickly children grow and develop and I'm passionate about creating beautiful, high quality images to be displayed in your home and enjoyed long after your babies have grown.

What stunning photography! Do pop over to Lisa's Facebook page and 'like' to stay in touch! Also have a look at her gorgeous website.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Little Ribbit Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Rachel Reid ~ You are the winner of this gorgeous set from Little Ribbit! Thank you so much Celeste x

Friday, 9 May 2014

Bam + Boo Kids

Let's chat with Toni & Martha-jane from Bam |+| Boo Kids

Toni & Martha-jane with their boys (they each have another little boy now too!)

Hi there, we are Bam |+| Boo® kids! - Max and Tom. We were the most lovely, chubby, happy babies and our parents adored us to pieces! Everything was going really well until we both started to get eczema.....

Our awesome mums dressed us in some (not) so funky bamboo clothing to reduce our itchiness and discomfort. The only problem was we didn’t look so hot in our bamboo clothing.

That was when our mums came up with Bam |+| Boo. Funky and reasonably priced bamboo clothing & bedding that grows with you. Eczema friendly clothing does not have to be boring. Why don’t you give it a try for your wee ones and feel for yourself.

Bam |+| Boo kids promises to provide quality, trendy, scalable and affordable bamboo clothing and products to suit children, especially those with eczema.

What does this really mean?

|+| Pants and sleeves that have longer cuffs so that you can fold them up then down as your children grow.
|+| Just because they are little and possibly uncomfortable from Eczema doesn’t mean they have to miss out on wearing fashionable and comfortable clothing.
|+| Clothing that is affordable and reasonable for the quality of the product.
|+| Clothing that is on trendy and fun.
|+| Designed by mums so you can rest assure that the product meets the high level of scrutiny

Bam |+| Boo kids pride themselves in creating products that are both funky and functional. We understand 
that parents want something fashionable that will help ease your children’s condition without breaking the bank.

We are proud of our tagline “Growing clothes for your sprouts”. We want to ensure that the garments and linen will last more than a few weeks before your sprout has outgrown it.

Pop over and have a browse on their gorgeous website and make sure you 'like' their Facebook page to keep up with new ranges!

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Poppets Creations

Let's chat with Tarsh from Poppets Creations!

Hi I am Tarsh, Mum of three, wife of Dennis and I would like to introduce you to my other baby Poppets Creations which I started in 2012.

Since starting, Poppets Creations main focus is about creating and designing art for your walls. We specialise in wall decals/stickers which are all made to order using high quality vinyl.

Poppets Creations also can help you with wooden wall signs, prints and canvas art. Adding and building to the range of products that are offered is always an ongoing project and there are some exciting new products which will be available very soon.

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes “ Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Pop over to Tarsh's website to browse her fantastic range and be sure to like her facebook page to keep up with new designs.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Little Ribbit

Colourful handmade designs for babies and children! Super exited to introduce you to Celeste from Little Ribbit

Bunny Softies

My husband and I and our three boys share our house/section with two dogs, a cat, five chickens and a rooster called Bruce!
I have sewn, knitted, crocheted, embroidered since I was about 6 and I was taught by my mum, nan and grandma.
I have a degree in Fashion Design from RMIT and I love fabric! My first job out of uni was in a fabric store before heading overseas.
After I arrived in NZ I worked for a clothing company pattern making, sample making, designing and managing the production for 9 years.
I spend my so called free time do me sewing, quilts, soft toys and other things for the kids and gifts , reading, running, catching up with friends and hanging out with the kids.

Change Mats

I first started making bibs for a friends childcare centre about 10 years ago. I was also working fulltime and had a small child so it was just a few bits and pieces here and there and then approx 9 years ago I started going to the Tamahere Market once a month with my appliqued bibs, hooded towels and fleece blankets and I was also supplying some products to childcare centres. Little Ribbit came into being about 7 1/2 years ago and has been going on and off due to kids and other commitments ever since.

Some of my products came into being just to use up my scraps as in the bunnies which proved to be a great hit so I then designed more softies. My burpers were another scrap project while the bandana bibs and the buntings are just an excuse to use gorgeous fabrics!

Bandana Bibs

Most popular...
My most popular products are the hooded towels, small appliqued bibs, bunnies and the bandana bibs. I have made all the patterns my self with some alterations over time.

Hair Accessories

My daily routine is a mix of kids, admin for my husband, house work, run and then lastly Little Ribbit


I think my greatest motivation is my fabric addiction along with lovely customers. It gives me a great sense of achievement seeing the finished products take shape out of the mess of fabric and trims and then selling them to happy customers is very rewarding and what keeps me going.


From here...
I am hoping Little Ribbit will keep going and get better with new products as time allows for quite a while yet as I have a sketchbook and a head full of ideas that just need a bit of focus to bring into reality.


Staying in touch...
You can find Little Ribbit at the Tamahere Market each month and on Facebook.

Cat Softies

Celeste has so kindly given me this adorable set to giveaway to a very lucky person!

WIN a sample pack of some of my best sellers!
~ Burper is 100% cotton flannelette on the front with thick cotton towelling on the back
~ Small bib is 100% cotton velour towelling with water resistant backing and snap closure
~ Bandana bib is 100% cotton print with thick towelling backing
~ Bunny is 100% cotton print with polyfil and rattle insert.
*All are easy care practical and lovely to use.

 Pop over to my Facebook page where you will find out how to enter ~ Thank you Celeste! x

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