Friday, 29 August 2014

2000 Likes Giveaway Winner

A MASSIVE congratulations goes to ~ Claudine Smith ~ You have WON this huge and gorgeous prize pack!

A special thank you to:
Little Poppits Photography ~ a mini shoot
Inkee Press ~ a mint cross iPhone cover
Squoodles ~ a funbites food cutter in green  
Kid Lidz ~ a crocheted fox hat
Mini Made ~ a teddy carrier
Songbird Designs ~ a sweet petite cluster necklace
Little & Sorted ~ a miracle minder kit
The Pressie Box ~ molly woppy cookies in a tin
Little Mo ~ a pair of happiness leg warmers
Uku Chic ~ a $25 gift voucher
Cushions by Stacey ~ a beautiful cushion cover
Gallop ~ geisha girl fabric hoops
Raff's Closet ~ a batman bib
Crochet Birdie ~ a pair of merino baby boots
& a matakana gift set from me :)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Announcements by Donna S

Personalised prints to record special moments. 
Let's chat with Donna from Announcements by Donna S

I am a Mum of two young children. William's 4 and Amelia's 2. My husband is a great support also of my prints and helps a lot with the kids so I can get on when orders mount up. I work part time also as a Registered Nurse. I love to bring a smile to peoples faces and I love seeing what new ideas people come up with in regards to making a custom print. I also make cakes and cupcakes in my "spare" time for the general public :-).
Announcements by Donna S started after I had made some birth records for friends and family last Christmas. I had such positive feedback and someone suggested I start a page to show some examples of my work. It took off over night! I was inspired by peoples amazingly positive feedback and due to friends "word of mouth" Announcements by Donna S has surpassed by expectations in popularity!

Plunket Word Art

Yes all of my art is designed by me! However some of it is inspired by prints or images I have previously seen. I make sure to add my own twist and just "run" with what is popular at the present time.

'The Moon'

It often varies due to the nature of shift work. However on my days off usually my son is off to Kindy so I get to spend time with my little girl doing loads of mother/daughter outings. It's in the evenings that I do my prints as the kids are in bed. So very little impact on family life.

Birth Announcement

My spending time with my family. Getting away on trips and enjoying regular foot massages from my husband!

NZ Print

From here...
I would love to see my prints picked up by stores around NZ. I do have my prints stocked around NZ aimed at the tourist market (my Kiwiana range has been very popular with overseas clients).
I love to give back and have donated many prints around the place. Plunket, Canteen and people who have lost children or babies.

'Now We Have Everything'

Connecting & buying...
Facebook ~
Email ~

'Home Is Where The Heart Is'

Thank you Donna for this lovely giveaway. The winner can choose from either the blue or pink set.  The images come unframed however Donna is happy to frame them at the winners cost. RRP $40.
Please head to my Liked. by Becky facebook page to find out how to enter.

* Open to NZ residents only

The Humble Heart Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ~ Nadine Ayson ~ You have won a 'Make a Wish Dandelion' from Ange at The Humble Heart! x


Thursday, 21 August 2014

2000 Likes Giveaway!

I am so very excited to announce that my 2000 likes giveaway is now open!!!

With HUGE thanks to the following businesses:

Little Poppits Photography ~ a mini shoot
Inkee Press ~ a mint cross iPhone cover
Squoodles ~ a funbites food cutter in green  
Kid Lidz ~ a crocheted fox hat
Mini Made ~ a teddy carrier
Songbird Designs ~ a sweet petite cluster necklace
Little & Sorted ~ a miracle minder kit
The Pressie Box ~ molly woppy cookies in a tin
Little Mo ~ a pair of happiness leg warmers
Uku Chic ~ a $25 gift voucher
Cushions by Stacey ~ a beautiful cushion cover
Gallop ~ geisha girl fabric hoops
Raff's Closet ~ a batman bib
Crochet Birdie ~ a pair of merino baby boots
& a matakana gift set from me :)

Please enter here:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Humble Heart

Unique Handmade Nail & String Art! 
Let's chat with Ange from The Humble Heart.

About Me...
Hello, I'm Ange. I am 31 (or maybe 32? I cant remember) I live in Palmerston North, in the mighty Manawatu. I am married to Dwayne who is a Retail Manager in Feilding. We have 2 son’s, Bailey who is 7 & Quinn who is 2. As well as being the designer/creator of The Humble Heart I also have a part-time job as a merchandiser for a Tel-Co company.

Todd the Fox

About The Humble Heart...
Every year for the last 3-4 years I have made ALL of my Christmas presents for my Neices & Nephews and Christmas 13 I decided to make them a personalised name board made from nails & string. I posted a pic on my personal Facebook and loads of friends & family commented that I should go into business making & selling my string art…. And so The Humble Heart was born! – 15th of Dec 13 to be exact!

Geo Bear - Brutis

Yes they certainly are all handmade by me! Hubby helps me out with the skill-saw cutting my boards to size but I hammer in each & every nail! Some days it feels as though I have hammered more nails than a carpenter has in his lifetime.

New Zealand

I wanted something unique & had researched up on how to choose a business name ….. I like to be a little quirky and love names that rhyme or an allitoration … No word of a lie once I decided I wanted a name with “The” & then 2 matching first letter words “Humble Heart” just popped into my head & that was it!

Africa the Elephant

I'm up & into things with my boys – they are early risers & hubby has a 20min drive to work so our household is a hussle bussle in the mornings. Bailey heads off to school – we generally walk as it is only 15min return trip – Quinn and I head out a couple of days a week to Mainly Music or Playgroup. Thank goodness he is having a sleep still during the afternoon as this is WORK time for me! I go full noise to get boards painted, nails nailed, string strung. Bailey arrives home from school & I'm normally heading off to run errands like deliver my parcels to my local postshop (the man in there knows me well) home to do housework/dinner all that usual behaviour! Once the kiddies are in bed me & hubby will hang out for a bit – I might get a chance to watch some TV & in most cases I am stringing up a board as well.

Chester the Squirrel

The above shows some of this – I get to work from home! Be it hanging out reading books with Quinn, or attending Baileys school events, have picnics outside, cook a big roast meal. It is a blessing indeed! But most of all though I am privledged to make & create beautiful pieces of art work that I am so very proud of! I love interacting with my customers and helping to make a design they like come to life. I sometimes have to kick myself when I realise that “MY” artwork is hanging in someone elses home that they are proud themselves to show off to everyone and admire for many years. How cool is that?


If I am not doing a custom order I am normally working on a new design. I try to stay on-trend and keep my style to keep up with the fashions. I do have times that are testing and sometimes wonder if I can keep up with demand but it all works out in the end, a couple of late nights never hurt.

Cyrus the Stag

Do your research…. Check out potential competition and do something REALLY different! I think these days people are wanting to purchase unique items not something they see on every FB page or in every shop.

Our family are big on tramping & camping… in the summertime we are normally out setting up camp or heading into the bush for a tramp most times staying in some alpine huts. We love the bush and that is the best place to be to escape the hussle of everyday madness we call life.

Koru Heart

From here...
I am hopefully in the next few months going to be creating my very own website. When I say “I am” that actually may mean I might talk nicely to a website designer…. I am attending a large Christmas market here in Palmerston North in early December and all going well I may sign up to some other local summertime markets.

Connecting and buying... 
Facebook ~
Instagram ~ thehumbleheart
Email ~

Ange has so kindly given me one of her 'Make a Wish Dandelion' pieces of artwork to give away!!! Thank you so much Ange!
Please head over to my Liked. by Becky Facebook page to find out how to enter.

*Open to NZ residents only
The size is 30cm x 30cm & RRP is $30

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Crochet Birdie

Vintage inspired crochet goodies for you, baby and your home! Let's chat with Kerryn from Crochet Birdie

Lace Cloche

Crochet Birdie began out of financial necessity! I had a gorgeous pair of lambskin slippers that my Mum had bought me while I was at home with our newborn baby girl (she’s now 4 ½). They were looking very sad but a new pair was going to set me back $100! With only one income, there was no way I could afford that, so I pulled one to pieces and SLOWLY figured out how to put it back together. I watched You Tube videos and after many attempts got them just right. I also fixed Mum’s to say thanks for buying them in the first place. I’d caught the bug, I was a hooker! I got inspired to pull an old scarf to pieces and made it into a few items. A headband for my daughter and a couple of gifts. Then a few lovely people I know asked if they could buy a hat from me and the rest, as they say, is history!

Chevron Blanket

Yep, lovingly hooked by me. My Mum has also just come on board.

Vintage Blanket

Naming Crochet Birdie...
Birdie has been my nickname since birth and it has stick. I had a really low bridge as a baby and my uncle thought I looked like a little bird with a beak … cute!

Baby Boots

I work two days a week at the business my Husband and I own so on our home days, I spend the mornings hanging out with the kids doing usual Mum stuff, folding washing while helping to make some masterpiece or rebuild a Lego disaster. After lunch our son, Cooper 2 ½, generally goes down for a sleep and Regan will watch a movie or get crafty while I have an hour or two to get making. Then it’s back to work around home, getting tea on the go, bathing the kids, you know the drill. Once the kids are off to bed I sit down to the telly and get making again. I try to make at least item a day and get a bit of my current blanket done.

Newsboy Cap

Owning your own business...
I love the freedom to go where you choose. I always have new ideas bouncing around my head (normally at about 3am) and I love that I can just give it a go the next day.


The money certainly helps! Without Crochet Birdie my family would certainly not have the clothes we’ve got and the wee weekends away. I’m truly thankful to all my wonderful customers/supporters/followers/groupies, without you Crochet Birdie would not be what it is today.
All my “actual” jobs have been in admin which can be quite endless so I love the satisfaction if starting something and finishing it.


Advice for others...
If you are passionate about something, that will shine through in what you do so believe in yourself otherwise no one else will.
I also love the eccentric wisdom of Albert Einstein and found this quote one day:

Cider!! Gotta love a cold cider with the girls on any given afternoon .. ha!
I love to spend time with my family near one of the Southern Lakes, bonfire, gumboots and marshmallows with the kids.
And I’m a freak in the fact that crochet makes me chill … if I’m sitting I’m hooking, I love it.

Cross Blanket

From here...
Hmmm, I’ve got lots of ideas brewing so you’ll be sure to see some new pieces gracing my Facey and Instagram feeds. I’d like to keep Crochet Birdie the size it is as I think people appreciate the handmade aspect and are happy to wait for a great quality product.


Connecting and buying...
Pop over and have a look at Kerryn's beautiful website and be sure to follow her on Facebook, instagram and pinterest to keep up with new designs!
Website ~
Facebook ~
Instagram ~ @crochetbirdie
Pinterest ~


Free shipping...
Thank you so much to Kerryn you can have free shipping for the month of August!!! Simply visit and use the discount code below x

Monday, 11 August 2014

Jordy May Design & Liked. by Becky Giveaway Winner

A HUGE congratulations goes to ~ Mel Brown from Miss & Trilly ~ You have won!
Thank you so much to Jordan from Jordy May Design

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tiki House Giveaway Winners

 Congratulations to the following winners!

Angelique Walsh ~ you have won the bird cushion
Cassandra Brandeis ~ you have won the button accessories
Sam Marshall ~ you have won the patterned cushion

A HUGE thank you to Kirsten at Tiki House x

Monday, 4 August 2014

Business Giveaway with Jordy May Design and Liked. by Becky

From Jordy May Design
Win a logo design package worth $100 from Jordy May Design!
Package includes:
+ A basic text logo design with a simple shape (circle/square/rectangle etc) around or behind the text. 
+ Two concepts of the design and two revisions. 
The logo will come as a digital file including high quality PDF, PNG and a JPEG (suitable social media – Facebook).

**Logo design will be booked in with Jordy May Design from September this year at a date that suits both you and Jordan

From Liked. by Becky
Win 6 months advertising worth $75 on the sidebar of my blog. Your logo will be linked to either your website or facebook page and is best sized at 180x180 pixels (I am happy to help you size it if needed). You may use this advertising at the start date of your choice and your ad will run continuously for the 6 months.

And a full Business Feature worth $25 which includes:
+ Your business logo
+ As many words (within reason!) as you like
+ Up to 10 product photos
+ Links to website, facebook, email, pinterest, twitter etc
+ Your logo and product photo on my facebook timeline cover and my blog header for a week
+ 3 Facebook mentions throughout the week
+ I will upload a giveaway from your business which gains more facebook likes
+ 1 twitter mention
+ A pinterest board made up for your business using the photos in your feature
**Your feature will run for a week and will be booked in for early in 2015 on the date you choose.

**Business owners who have already featured on my blog may exchange the feature for a further two months of advertising.

** This giveaway is open to NZ business owners only
It closes on 10 August and the winner will be notified by email and announced here on my blog and also on my Liked. by Becky facebook page.

Please head to Liked. by Becky's Facebook page to find out how to enter
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