Monday, 27 November 2017


Stunning gift boxes filled with products all made in NZ and with every box sold, the Make a Wish organisation is supported!
I am so happy to share this beautiful business Boxsmith, and introduce you to Kiri,

Becky x

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a mum to three kids (young adults now sadly) and have an obsession with Griffons and have two, Chewie and Bella. 
My background is in midwifery and Women's Health. It was the result of two major unexpected illnesses in my family that I really started to examine how I wanted to spend my life and as life has it I was unable to go to work as I needed to take care of my son after recovering from a brain tumor. It was this event that really got me thinking about gift boxes. 
 People want to do something to help and it is hard to buy young people and children appropriate gifts when they are in hospital or having major treatments. I pictured the type of gift box I would like to have given my son and it started from there. Strangely enough that range has not been completed yet - it is pretty dear to my heart and I have some grand plans. I want it to be perfect. Boxsmith also supports Make A Wish with every box sold - such a fantastic organisation.


When did you start Boxsmith?

Boxsmith started in January 2017 however it has only been since August that we went live.


How did you name your business?

Boxsmith is a play on wordsmith. I see us as creators of beautiful gift boxes so it seemed fitting.

'New Mum'

What is your favourite gift box within your range?

My favourite gift box would be 'Finer Things'. This gift box has something for all the senses with handcrafted award winning soda; organic, fair trade, dairy/gluten/palm oil free chocolate; white chocolate and peppermint fortune cookies; speckled handmade ceramic pinch pot and spoon and a hand poured Lime+Basil+Mandarin Soy Candle. And like all our products they are made in NZ by ethical businesses.

'Finer Things'

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

Keep up with posting on social media and making connections.

'Taste Sensation'

Where to from here with Boxsmith?

We do corporate boxes, product releases and gifting. We are passionate about adding value to businesses with gifts that reflect their uniqueness. Build your own box is another aspect of Boxsmith I would like to develop more. Also I have a side project goal that I am just starting to work on around supporting children undergoing life threatening conditions or major illness. 

'Tea Connoisseur'

How can we buy your gift boxes?


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