Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Creation Station NZ - Custom Clothing & Gifts

How cool that a whole family run this business!

I have loved following Creation Station NZ over the last few years. Angela sent me one of their tops for my daughter when she turned 3 and it is her absolute favourite. She asks for it everyday and wears it unless it is in the wash! Angela is so lovely to order from and they are an amazing team at working to design exactly what you are wanting. 
With Father's Day coming up, this very well could be a fabulous business to shop from for a personalised t-shirt! (See at the bottom of my post).

Enjoy your read,

Becky x

My Daughters Top from Creation Station

*All photos below belong to and have been taken by Creation Station NZ

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I’m Angela. Do I sound old or young when I say I’m not quite 30?? My husband, Justin, and I have been married for 8.5 years. Its been quite the adventure as he’s American and we met in the Cook Islands. We’ve got three children now. Our oldest daughter is 4.5, our rainbow daughter is 2.5 and our son just turned one. 

Two years ago we decided to sell up and move to Kawerau to give it a go being in business full time. Its certainly been an adventure with lots of unexpected challenges and fun along the way! 

Christmas 2017

Tell us a little bit about Creation Station 

Before we had Lucy (our oldest daughter), I knew I wanted to be a work from home mum. We were given the opportunity to purchase a kids painting party business about 6 years ago. I jumped at the chance but soon realised it wasn’t going to work as I had extreme morning sickness so I started thinking about making it work from closer to home. I dabbled a bit in an after school programme but it still wasn’t quite right. My mother in law sent me a plotter/cutter from America, I made my first decal and I was HOOKED! While I was pregnant with my second daughter, I told my husband I’d have to close down when she was born as I wouldn’t keep up with demand. He simply said “I’ll help”. We’ve been working together ever since. Our range now includes custom printed clothing, sublimated (dishwasher safe) mugs and more! 

What is your favourite part of running your own business? 

I LOVE that I can work around my kids. We can go to playcentre together! I get to watch them play, learn their interests AND play with them (while also having some adult time). 

What is your favourite product that you design? 

My other favourite thing is coming up with new design ideas and making them reality! We’ve got a new product coming own and I think you’ll love it – it’s a My Mum, Your Mum tee with a mermaid design! 

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work? 

I always have a mug of hot chocolate in the morning. I can’t function without it! My planning is more weekly (as I fit my hours around daycare and other family needs) so theres always a weekly plan/checklist to follow. 

Where to from here for Creation Station NZ?

The dream, and why we moved on this crazy adventure, is to have our business support our family. We so appreciate all our customers support. All of your purchases literally keep the roof over our head and food on our table. 

How can we find out more? 


Thursday, 26 July 2018

Essential & Co - NEW Birthstone Bracelet Range

I am a huge fan of jewellery with meaning, so when Jördis asked me to help her launch her new Birthstone Bracelet Range, I was behind her one hundred percent.

I already have one of her 'Joy' Gemstone Diffuser Bracelets and it is gorgeous, so I was so excited when I was asked if I wanted to have an exclusive preview of her new range and it is everything and some of what I would have expected. 

The Birthstone Bracelet Range has been six months in the making. There is a design for each month from January through to December and all of the bracelets are made of gemstones with the inclusion of lava stones so your bracelet can be used as an essential oil diffuser.

Enjoy having a look!

Becky x

all styling and images by @focusbybecky
Thanks to my Dad for the use of his amazing rock collection!

The amount of time, thought and research that has gone into this range is countless. Jördis has researched and designed all the bracelets herself and the gemstones have been chosen from a range of eleven birthstone charts.

I thought I would pull a couple out and show you up close and also give you some info from Jördis on the stones she has used. All of this info will come on a card with your bracelet.

Below is the February Birthstone Bracelet. It features Amethyst, Bloodstone and Lava Stone.

'Amethyst is a powerhouse stone. It vibrates at a high frequency, creating a shield of protection against negative energy.

Bloodstone enhance's one's capacity with strength and determination. It's vibration assists with increasing vitality and it can offer courage and solace.

Lava Stone literally comes for the core of the earth and is known for it's grounding qualities. It's wonderful for calming the emotions.'

Below is the April Birthstone Bracelet. It features Pink Opal, Walnut Wood and Lava Stone.

'Pink Opal - Opal is emotionally supportive and nuturing and is an excellent stone to alleviate worry, chronic stress adn depression. Pink Opal clears and clams the heart and brings a sence of peoace and tranquillity to one's aura.

Walnut Wood - The walnut tree is symbolic of universal wisdom and knowledge. It teaches one clarity and focus, using ones' mental gifts wisely and how to best use one's intelligence.'

They are all beautiful and it is so interesting finding out about each stone and it's properties.

Jördis is a joy to chat to and I am so excited to keep watching her business grow!

To view and find out more please visit the following:

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Marlee + Jo - Monochrome Keepsake Books

How excited do you think I was when I found out the gorgeous ladies Lee & Lianne from Marlee + Jo have their children at the same school as mine!!

Lee takes my two oldest boys for their absolute favourite activity Chess, and as I put two and two together I introduced myself to her.

She has given me two of their beautiful monochrome keepsake books to show you all.
These books to me mean 'pen on paper' and the love that can show from that is so precious. Read on to find out more,

Becky x

* All images styled & photographed by FOCUS by Becky

My School Years

The My School Years journal is a beautiful way to record memories for your child all the way from Preschool up to Year 13. There is a page for each year of your child's schooling and also a pocket to keep photos and special documents, reports and where I will be keeping Levi's certificates.

I LOVE how in this one book we will be able to record everything and keep everything special about his time at school together!

This Journal is so well thought through and I love the progression you can see throughout their schooling through the clever sections. On the Preschool page it has 'This is how I draw' which is such a cute record to have. The Primary School years have a fabulous memory space for 'When I grow up I want to be' and through to High School years where you have space for things like 'Best friends', 'Favourite Subject' and 'Goals'.

I really wish I had one of these for my two older boys when they started school. I am so happy to have one for Levi who is in Year 1 at school and will definitely be purchasing one for my daughter when she starts!

My School Years is $59.90 and can be found here

Twenty-One Letters to You

There is something so special about reading the words on paper penned by someone who loves you. It maybe the permanence of the words, it may be their handwriting you see, it may well be the very rarity we now see of letters. They seem to hold far more love, time, thought than a quick message or email and so therefore hold so much more weight in love.

The Marlee + Jo keepsake book Twenty-One Letters To You is so special. It is a place where you can write your thoughts and love to your child over the years.

This 'paper time capsule' Twenty-One Letters to You is $39.90 and can be found here

To view more of the beautiful Marlee + Jo products, please visit:


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

For All the Stationery Lovers - Friday Feels Paper - Wedding & Event Stationery

Any other stationery lovers out there?!

I certainly am and have been since I was a little girl. I still have so many writing sets and pens and I adore beautiful lettering, cards & prints.

I was really excited to find Rebecca's beautiful business!
Friday Feels Paper is a boutique design studio specialising in bohemian and shabby chic style printables, all of which are stunning.

Enjoy your read,

Becky x

*All images below belong to Friday Feels Paper

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello! I'm Rebecca the designer and creator of Friday Feels Paper boutique design studio. My studio is based in the beautiful & wild Wairarapa countryside where I live with my husband and young (very) energetic son. After living abroad for many years we decided it was time to come home as we thought this was the best place for us to raise a family.

I've always been a creative person & my love of stationery started when I was a child. My mum & grandmother would give me these pretty stationery/writing sets for my birthdays & Christmas. My focus at school was always in the arts & I ended up studying design at the prestigious School of Design in Wellington. Over the years I’ve worked as a graphic designer in Wellington, London & Sydney and now I'm super excited to use this experience to grow my own creative business.

Tell us a little bit about Friday Feels Paper

Do you ever get those Friday Feels? That feeling when the weekend is just around the corner and it’s time to let down your hair and party?. That’s the idea behind Friday Feels Paper. Creating fun wedding and event stationery & decor is what I love to do here at Friday Feels Paper.

My designs reflect my love of bohemian, whimsical, rustic and vintage styles. I have a range of printable stationery, signs & wall art on Etsy and I offer a bespoke/custom design service for people who wish to have a one of a kind creation for their wedding or special milestone.

I started out designing as a creative outlet when I was home with my baby boy. Over time I realised that this could be a part time job and I needed something with flexible hours. 

I had another shop on Etsy where I sold art prints but found that printable files were becoming very popular as there is no waiting. You can instantly download your files and print them. This way you can be much more accessible to a worldwide market.

What is your favourite part of running your own business?

I really love helping people create their dream stationery designs. The creative process is time consuming with custom work but nothing beats the feeling at the end when it all comes together and the client is happy. I also love that Friday Feels Paper enables me to be super creative and design the work that I love.

What is your favourite product that you design?

Oh there are so many favourites but if I had to choose it'd be wedding invitation suites. It's fun bringing the design elements into all the different pieces; save the dates, invites, details card, RSVP, menu, program etc. and coming up with a matching full suite is very exciting!

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

I always put my lovely customers first. What ever request or question they have I always make sure I respond asap no matter what time of day or night it is. Also I drink coffee. Lots of coffee. 

Where to from here with your business?

I'm super excited to be launching my online shop and blog soon, and I plan to build my range of products including more special themed party invites. I have so many ideas in the works I can't wait to share them with you!


Monday, 16 July 2018

Serial Box - Monthly Subscription Box


'Each monthly box contains a surprise selection of products....its like a day spa in a box!'

Jessie from Serial Box recently got in touch with me and asked me if I would like to review their July subscription box and of course I said yes!

Enjoy having a look inside,

Becky x

Gorgeous Packaging

This box is so well thought through and the products have been selected so carefully for your skin during Winter. 
I was so surprised to find out that the Serial Box subscription boxes are just $39 (which includes shipping) per month, which I feel is amazing value!
They are dispatched on the 10th of every month and you can choose to gift the box to a friend by entering their address into the delivery section!
What a fabulous gift idea!

Take a look inside!!

In the July box, I received:

1 Trilogy Firming Body Lotion
2 Revitalising Coconut Water Foot Pack
3 Palmers Coconut Oil Facial Scrub
4 Bare Naturals Citrus Dream Body Lotion Bar
5 Rude Renew My Lips Lip Exfoliator

Plus a bonus greeting card from The Paperface and some Devonport Chocolate!

I have been loving trying all these products. They are all new to me, so I feel very treated. I especially love the Bare Naturals body lotion bar and the Rude Lip Exfoliator is so nice on dry lips.

The Serial Box is definitely amazing value and how lovely to receive such a beautiful surprise each month when you sign up.

Serial Box - July

To find out more & subscribe, you can visit the Serial Box links below:

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Small Things Decor - Hand Painted Children's Decor

Small Things Decor is FULL of beautiful hand painted wooden decor for children's rooms!
Gemma has such an eye for detail and creates beautiful decor using her customers choices in colour combinations.
I found it so hard to choose which images to share with you, so make sure you visit her Facebook Page to see more!

Enjoy your read,

Becky x

*All images below belong to Small Things Decor

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

My name is Gemma, I'm 31 and a proud full time mother of two - an energetic almost 3 year old boy & a busy 11 month old girl. After growing up in Christchurch, battling through the earthquakes and working in the property management and real estate industry for almost 10 years, I made the move to Timaru to live with my partner and soon after started a family! 

Tell us a little bit about Small Things Decor

I started my business in 2016 when my son was 6 months old. I felt like I needed a hobby for myself so I started making some small home decor items and selling to friends. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to start a Facebook page too see what the public thought of my creations. 

After finding it difficult to buy quality wooden decor for my son's room in the colours that I was after, I realised that this was something I could do myself! The main product I sold at the start was the personalised name blocks which are by far still my most popular product. 

What is your favourite part of running your own business? 

I love bringing my own ideas and also my customers ideas to life! There's nothing more rewarding than receiving lovely feedback about an item that has been purchased from me. 

Being my own boss and having the flexibility to work the hours to suit my family is amazing too. Most of the time I get my work done when my children are fast asleep. 

What is your favourite product that you make? 

I love all of the products I make but especially the personalised name blocks which are made to order for customers. Seeing their colour combination choices and names come together is awesome. I'm also a huge fan of anything pretty!! 

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work? 

I try to post regular updates and photos on social media and keep engagement up with followers as much as possible. I strive to provide great customer service to my customers and create items that I'm proud of. 

Where to from here with Small Things Decor? 

I have recently been part of my first expo day and looking at attending a lot more public events over upcoming months. 

I'm planning to launch a new website and possibly a little side venture catering to general home decor & gifts (you've heard it here first!) 

To View More & Purchase Please Visit

Instagram: @smallthingsdecor 

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